Simple but brutal

As we continue our soft opening of F3, post quarantine 5 brothers joined to get at it.

Warm up: SSH, my new fav warm up Jumping Squat Jack’s (basically a SSH but at bottom you squat down and touch ground) , LBAC, weed pickers, and a mosey around the parking lot.

Da thang: since it was wet out,we went under the awning with 9 pillars spreading to either end. We did a sprint from fist post at center to the end and back then a ladder of 2 walk out merkins, 2 squats at first post in the center. Sprint again, stop at 2and post and double walk out merkins and squats. Kept going to the last pillar for 18 and 18. There were 2 benches along the way so when we got to those we added 20 box jumps and 20 dips on each bench. Total of 100 walk out merkins, 100 squats,40 box jumps, 40 dips. We were all feeling it!

As a bonus we pushed my 4500lb truck around the parking lot then called it a day.

Heartbreaker closed us out w a prayer.

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