Awakening: F3 SSI returns

Awakening: F3 SSI returns  2020.05.02

With COVID-19 very much a prat of everyone’s life; the stress, fear, sickness, and unknown; we (men of F3) can come together a few times a week and just let is go.

Social Distance (a term now defining 2020) was our 11th man for this “awakening” beatdown, early Sat morning.  It was cool (58 degrees), light breeze, and 10 men got after it as a group.

Shovels were back in the ground and the flags were at attention!


I arrived early and walked the area as it has been 7-8 weeks since I was at the pier location for a workout; just as I thought – nothing changed; a few families walking enjoying the sunrise, the usual 2-3 fishing poles bobbing under the canopy and several more at the end of the pier awaiting the “catch of the day”.  The Golden Ray had some improvements as the cutting chains are in place and getting ready for the EPIC salvage mission to take place.

It was good to be back!

As I had the time to think about this workout, thoughts of COVID-19 could not be ignored; Social distancing, sanitary habits, virtual…well almost everything, family time, and of course quarantine time.  And there – an exercise was born!

The PAX slowly arrived with Mrs. Howell coming in HOT 90 seconds late.  And to everyone’s surprise Blackberry was 3 minutes early…Its going to be a great day!

Stretches, huggers, and some Tappy Taps (IC) to get us going – on your designated “x” I had earlier stepped off with blue tape.

SSH were next and after about 3 4- count, I released 1 PAX at a time to mosey to their spot on the far end of the pier.  I was last and was satisfied with the spacing (social distancing) the delay created.

Together, spaced apart on the railing, we continued 19 (IC) SSH.  19 reps for the acknowledgement of COVID-19

Then Lunge walked the short direction across the pier 10 x with 4 squats at each about-face.  Was going for 19x’s but thought otherwise to save some energy for the THANG

A quick Merkin Ladder (IC) to 5 and back down with pauses at each rep set got our blood flowing…for some, Merkins have not been part of their daily routine.


As mentioned earlier, COVID-19 was obviously on my/our mind so I divided the workout into 4 stages: Sanitary stroll, Monumental Hill (virtual), House of Quarantine, and Family Time.

Sanitary Stroll:  While we gathered at the decorative sidewalk compass, we started basic exercises while two by two, PAX grabbed a few handi-wipes and “cleaned” the seven sets of double benches along the ocean walk.  At each bench, the pair did 19 dips oyo for a total of 133 dips. While guys started their cleaning, the PAX did mountain climbers, Imperial walkers, am. Hammers, incline merkins.

Monumental Hill (virtual): 3 sets of Bear crawl up, 19x reps and then “anything back down. We did Imperial walkers, merkins, and BBS.  Extra claps to Blackberry for bear-crawl down and to Fidget for a child’s roll down.  Nice to see the variety.

House of Quarantine: after a Indian Run from the Lighthouse (back two guys sprinted to the lawn area while group mosey) we circled up on the great lawn.  Alternating in clockwise rotation, each PAX was “quarantined” to the center for a workout of their choice – 19 reps of course.  Depending on the exercise, the circling PAX either planked or joined for the quarantine’s count. The PAX chose some of their favorites and as a group we did baby arm circles, squat jumps and my go-to 19x (IC) Monkey Humpers… those who chose to walk about were in for a treat.

Family Time: a quick mosey to the “living room” for some family game time.  The past Christmas a friend found a multi-sided ball with 20 plus exercises written.  We sat in a circle and tossed the ball around until everyone had a turn starting the exercise.  The favorites  were 19 slow count wall sit, Blackberry taking forever to find an appropriate exercise (electing to not have us “frog hop” around the living room, and I made sure we ended with 19 Burpees – now that reminded us of what we forgotten.  I believe UpTownGirl said it best “I certainly did not use the word Burpee during this entire quarantine”!  Nor did the rest of us!  I think 19 air squats was the last toss and we were done!


10 PAX (hoping for 20 or 30 or more) Got Up, Intentionally made the Effort, and re-joined THE GROUP to start the day right.  Fun was had while filming the count and namerama – it certainly has been awhile.  Some thoughts on how COVID has/is affecting us and a few specific prayer request for one of Mrs. Howell’s co-workers.  Mana House needed a few guys and some of the PAX searched for a coffeteria location as places were still on limited operating hours.

Naked-man Moleskin:

Its amazing, to me, in how short of a time period (just over a year) F3 has become a vital part of my daily/weekly routine.  I missed you guys; the fun, the push to become better, the intense exercises I never thought I could/would/want to do, and just the solid fellowship we can have as a group.  Without question COVID-19 has affected us, our families, our work, our fun and vacations.  The Globe will forever be changed because of a flu-type virus.  Never would I image anything such as this having such an impact all over the World.  There’s many sides, opinions, and discussions about the What-ifs, or the could-haves, but at the end of the day; we each know what is best, what is the right and appropriate decisions we should make.  We each have our own way to social distant and “quarantine” ourselves so we can begin to emerge into a new normal, safer, certainly cleaner living environment.  Let’s make sure we take THIS time to appreciate life, enjoy adventures we never thought of, balance family time, and most of all  – Call Your MOM!

F3 St Simons is back.  Now let’s get after it, invite a friend (there’s got to be guys not wanted the gym-type settings) and do good for our community!  See you all in the GLOOM!

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