It was Perfect

I’m happy I could see you all this morning. Tremendous turnout – they say there were pax lined up around the block to get in to the workout. Really tremendous. Beautiful.  People are saying it was the perfect workout.  Haters may say it was too hard, but we know the truth.  It was perfect.  Beautiful.

warmup – side straddle hops, warchicken squats, Macerenas, Carolina dry docks

The thang:  Three stops around the circle

stop 1

March with weights overhead

Abs – 50 crunchy frogs

Lieutenant dans – 1 to 3 ratio of lunge walks to squats, laddering from 1 and 3 and ending with 10 and 30

stop 2
March with weights with arms at right angles like you’re doing curls

Abs – 50 American hammers

Lieutenant Loveseats – 1 to 2 ratio ratio of bear crawls to merkins, laddering from 1 and 2 and ending with 10 and 20

Stop 3

March while farmer carrying weights

Abs – 50 flutter kicks (2 count)

Burpee small jumps – 1 to 1 ratio of bunny hops to burpees, laddering from 1 and 1 and ending with 7 and 7.

Stretching and COT


Naked man moleskin

Love y’all. Glad to spend some time in the gloom with you.

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