Lazy Dora

Pretty simple workout this morning.

Started with a quick warm up then we paired up for a Lazy Dora. 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats. While partner did 10 merkins the other held plank, then switch. While partner did 20 LBCs the other held 6 inch leg lifts. While one partner did 30 squats the other held squat/bundy squat. Quick lap. Moved on to series of 10 count curls, tricep ext, overhead press, and bent over rows. Lap. Two reps of the 10 counts. Lap. Did another Dora. This time 50, 100, 150.

Finished out with a round of dealer’s choice ab exercises. Blackberry, Fidget Spinner, War Chicken, Mrs Howell, Siri and myself Butterfinger all participated in the fun.

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