A Diego….almost

A few months ago I Q’d Ironman, brought 8 cmu block coupons, and found a juicy little exicon called The Diego. Today, somewhat last minute prep for me, we would revisit. I was tired from the long weekend and how crazy busy and distracted my life has been lately that I slowseied into the disclaimer, mumblechatter, and warm up… We did NOT finish today!

7 Pax woke up to mild rain, perfect tempature, and got after it.

Warm up: tippy taps 11x, sprinkler (not yet fully accepted by the pax), bat wings, and some SSH.

Mosey to the far east corner to retreive the hidden CMU blocks.

The Thang:

100 merkins; 25 then lap around portico and circle with your own weight. 25 mrrkins again and lap until 100.

150 overhead press with cmu; 25 then lap with your own weight. 25 more, lap until 150.

200 LBC. 50 then weighted lap. We only did 150.

250 block curls.we only got in 2 laps (50 reps) and then 10 curls in cadence. Then a series of carry positions while mosey to return cmu. Mrs Howell kept an eye on the time and made sure we were done lifting by 6:10 – thank you!

We didn’t get to the 300 squat blocks…

COT was done as we mosey backed to our weights… no flags on hand but we circled ( socially apart) and closed out.

For those who missed it or those of us who didn’t finish – I have the Q next Tuesday for the redo.

COVID has its varying effects on us. Stay strong. Stay positive. And we’ll see you in the Gloom.

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