PE ain’t over!

since today (5/21) is the official LAST DAY of school at OPES I thought we would reflect back on what “school” is all about:

Learning, Activities, Participation, and Fun/play time.

6 Pax got out of bed and got after it; Yogi, Dodgeball, Blackberry, Butter finger, War Chicken and Siri.

Quick announcements and disclaimer

Warm up: THE “Learning”

4 new exercises: mountain man poppers 15 IC, Sprinklers 15 IC, Hairy Rockettes 15 IC, Annie 10 IC

Quickly mosey around parking lot.

“Activities” – The Cooper

10 burper, 10 squat, 10 merkin,- sprint

9 burbee, 9 squat, 9 merkin – sprint back

8, 7, 6,…3, 2, 1

Mosey to bus entrance.

“Participation” lunge/squat 2/4 count up to columns.

3x column serpentine sprint w 10 BBS at ends and 10 flutter kicks a mid point.

Mosey to playground for the “fun” portion of the day.

5 pull up, 10 Carolina dry docks, 15 dips. 1 min interval rinse and repeat. We did 7 I believe.

Mosey to flags for bonus.

SSH until failure….I didn’t get very far.

COT and prayers

It ended with Dodgeball reminding me of my first few weeks at F3….not pretty. And he said Siri, you have come a long way. I think he’s proud of me. Thank you!

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