Renegade BackBlast

“Trigger warning” for Bulldog fans.

The first of a rare event occurred today. The Q declared this a GatorHater workout. Two Bulldog, one Ga Tech., one Gator boater we’re present. Oh yea, one other guy present didn’t understand the joke so we must pray for his college football ‘enlightenment’ 😂. The Q proudly wore a Gator t-shirt and one warm-up was the Gator Chomp. Good natured ribbing was exchanged but one ‘Bear’ was still clueless. 😃 There was a two stage workout. Each Bulldog fan had to pair with a non-believer. First stage was 50-100-150 burpees, decline push-ups, and squats. One Partner ran a lap while the other exercised. Second stage was a mosey to the playground for 50-100 pull-ups then dips. Partners ran a lap in between. If this is posted in the wrong place I know Siri wii gently correct me 😇

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