since COVID, my schedule has been all messed up. I tried to do a good thing by signing up for 4 or 5 Q’s in advance but have been running so hard that I forgot which days are mine….

Today, again another bad habit of lately, I raced out of the house hoping to make it to the pier before everyone dissappear off into the distance darkness…i think I cut off Blackberry at the round about as I was coming in HOT…real HOT.

To my surprise, Dodgeball is giving me the stink eye and pointing to his watch “its time” I was Clue-less that is my day to Q.

Seems like some sort of light warm up or stretching started and Hammy from Birmingham was being welcomed… i grabbed the shovel flags,, pressed them into the ground and without hesitation, we were off.

Mosey to the pier for our warm up: SSH, tappy taps and more SSH.

If you read my newsletter (hope you do as I put a lot of time into it) I introduced the pax to Lt. Danger: 2 lunges, 2 squats and a merkin. We proceeded across the pier to the Tee.

A joyous mosey along the water to the first crossover. Slowsy down the steps ( didn’t want anyone to slip) “Find a Rock” i yelled and proceeded to announce the Thang: Lindsay Forty was first: 30 dips, 10 merkins. 25 dips 15 merkins, 20 dips 20 merkins, 15 dips 25 merkins, 10 dips 30 merkins. Interesting memblechatter from Dodgeball about the existence of bacteria on the wet sand? And Blackberry picked up a rock instead of finding a rock. Im not sure Dodgeball did any dips as he was still trying to find a non-barnicle Boulder to use….

Mosey along the beach “toward the light” as War Chicken yelled out. We went up the next crossover to the base of Mt St Simons for more: 5,10,15 20. 4x with a nice mosey along the path to the first crossover, then down to the beach and back up to the lighthouse. Fidget Spinner didn’t want to get his “good” shoes muddy so he just ran the path. Simple but effective: 5 BBS, 10 squats, 15 BBS, 20 Squats. 4 laps. We did a bonus round, IC, 5 sec plank, 10 flutter kicks, 15 sec plank, 20 flutter kicks….that killed me.

Mosey to flags for COT.

Prayers for country, leadership, and our community.

8 PAX got after it this morning.

If another exercise group invited me to 100 merkins, 100 dips, 80 BBS, and 120 Squats in 38 minutes I would say You’re CRAZY… but disguising the workout with fun, some running, and creative units counts, thats F3 and thats what we did.

See you in the Gloom.

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