Welcome Cocoa Butter

The title goes out to our newest FNG, Cocoa Butter.  After trying for the past 6 months I was finally able to assign the most beautiful F3 nickname, possibly ever.

For today’s edition of IronMan I went back to an oldie, but a goody.  My creativity was all used up in anticipation of naming our FNG, so i didn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel when it turned so good the first time.

Warmup- huggers, can-cans, merkins, etc.


Tricep Extensions, Tricep Kickbacks, Brain Busters (X7)

Curls, Curls, Curls (x10)

Merkins, Close Grip Merkins, Wide Grip Merkins (X7)

Bent-Over Rows, Prison Poses, Lawnmowers, Kettle Bells (x7)

Lateral/Horizontal Raises, Military Presses, Single Arm Snatch (X7)

Weighted Inverse Toe-Touches, Slow Motion Heavy Hammers, Weighted Flutter Kicks (x14)

Thrusters, Clean n Jerks, Side Lounge Thrusters (x7)

Ended with some stretching.

COT, Prayers.

In Attendance: Siri, Blackcherry, Slider, Sparky, WarChicken, FidgetSpinner, CocoaButter, YHC.



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