Route 66 around the oak tree

after fartsacking Sat and Monday I was ready to get back at it. And with the mis-identity, mixed identity, or multiple identity for what seemed to be a fng on Monday, I needed to figure this out….

Simple Q for the morning. Warm up, mosey to the entrance oak, and follow the Route 66 format for 6-8 exercises depending on time. 12 PAX got up and got after it: Dodgeball, coco butter, butter finger, Mrs Howell, cabbage patch/pickle pounder, loveseat, hee haw, blackberry, fidget spinner, war chicken, siri.

Route 66: 11 stops with reps increasing by 1, starting at 1, 2, 3, …..9, 10, 11.

We did curls (1-11), lunges (1-11), overhead press (1-11), squats (11-1 as @blackberry advised we should always go higher to lower reps) and then IC (with the loops around tree) we did triceps (11-1)

Mosey to parking lot for count, name. And COT.

Prayers for COVID, schools opening, and community.

Naked moleskin: so word has it that an FNG is coming on Monday. He shows up, works out, and as always the Q has the naming rights. I am warm and cozy in my fartsack so I missed all of this first hand. Somehow, I guess there is never any recollection of a naming two years ago. FNG walks away as “pickle pounder” not great but definitely not so embarrassing you can’t tell mom. Later that day there’s an issue adding “pickle pounder” to SLACK. Erin, I believe, is already in the system as “cabbage patch”. Turns out even his wife later reminded him of his nickname. I think honestly this was a sneaky way of trying to get a new nickname. Take two years off, stumble back on a monday morning, and try to pull a fast one. The only fair thing to do is have the nantan of the original naming blend the words and create a new life-long nickname. These were mumbled throughout the morning; pickle patch, cabbage pounder, pickled cabbage, pickle patch pounder, cabbage pounder patch….and so on. UTG have fun with this one.

So I guess the point is. Get your name. Own it. And become one with it!

Enjoy the morning and the chatter. See you in the gloom next time!

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