Christmas Past – Diego Haunts!

Christmas Past – Diego Haunts!

5 PAX (well, 4 of us started in the Gloom BUT then Blackberry refused sleep and  joined us a few minutes late…HUGE props for coming out on such short amount of sleep) were intentional and got out of bed on a chilly First Day of Dec and got after it for my own version of the Christmas Carol; Christmas Past was today.

I have tried several times to Q an Ironman and get us through The Diego.  3 times we have failed to complete a simple, yet demanding 5 exercise set…we’ll see if Diego will haunt me no more.

Warm Up:

It was cold.  38 degrees with a light breeze.  I tried to park near the entrance but both Loveseat and Butterfinger thought I was some type of hard-core drug dealer out in the Gloom getting my fix or something…Mrs. Howell didn’t even notice me.  Blackberry came in HOT but we had already completed the 100 Merkins…. Warm up was fast as I really wanted to get this done.  Mosey, with weights to the entrance then a few laps around the SSCC marquee and lit oak tree, some SSH and arms circles as Blackberry believes they solve all of Man’s problems…  The cold led to some good mumblechatter while we prepare for The Diego.


Its actually quite simple:  The Diego is a 5 exercise set comprising of:

100 Merkins

150 Weighted overhead press

200 LBC

250 Curls

300 Weighted Squats

Thats it!!!

We started with 25 merkins then a lap, 4x, DONE. 25 OHP, lap with and some laps without weights. 6x DONE.  50 LBC then lap, 50 curls then Lap (some with weights and some without as our fingers were pretty frozen) Back and forth until DONE.  We did 50 weighted squats and then Mosey around the entrance stopping four more times with 25 squats each.  Squat Total 150, halfway there…and once again out of time. 

Diego continues to HAUNT!

**Homework was issued – find some time to complete the squats throughout your day.  I did 25 squats in front of my coffee system at the office….that wasn’t awkward at all!**

keep an eye out for Christmas Present and Christmas Future!

Naked Moleskin:

Christmas Past, Present or Future…all we know is that THIS Christmas will be quite different for many.  Think back on all those great memories of Christmas Pasts but some of us may have those few haunting moments.  Let’s go out of our way to be kind, listen and love more, have patience and understanding, and by all means give out GOOD gifts!  NO sweat pants or photo mugs, no Snuggies or shake weights….


Prayers for this county, our Country, the WORLD, and as this season will be glorious for many it may also be the most difficult for others!

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

Loveseat, Butterfinger, Mrs. Howell, BlackBerry and

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI

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