Chilly day to get sweaty

The cold weather is determined to persist as are the HIM of F3. 7 men gathered to fight the cold, after some warm ups we did a little ladder of exercises along with a lap around the OPES parking lot. T arm merkins, squats, bench jump to planks and crunchy froggies were the 4 exercises, started with 5 reps of each and a lap, then 10, 15 and finally 20. Next we did a shuttle run with 3 cones, while we planked a couple guys shuffled sideways to first cone and back, then next team, and finally 3rd team. Then shuffle opposite side, then backwards. Rinse and repeat to 2nd cone, then 3rd cone. Finished up with some stretches. Had a good and fun discussion how easy it is to set off someone politically when you are not even trying to be political.

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