Saint James

Saint James

Twas weeks before Christmas 6 PAX entered the GLOOM.  37 degree chill was the temp under the MOON.

Dodgeball had his tunes and SIRI his PJ PANTs.  Butterfinger was there. Blackberry EARLY? – he just CANT.

Mrs Howell was there too in shorts and a HAT. Loveseat forgot his jacket and ran around like a CAT.

1000 reps we did, oh how and why so MANY.  Saint James (Spanish for Diego) was the Thang , previous attempts we did PLENTY.

With 100 merkins and 200 CRUNCHES.  300 squats; we did in 25 set BUNCHES.

150 overhead presses with no twirls or SWIRLS.  150 Curls but you know THESE are for the GIRLS.

As time ran out we gathered to PRAY.  Accidents and Death, and shouts of “COVID, Stay AWAY

 I bid goodbye and Thanks for your TIME.  Back to work for me as I complete this RHYME.

Merry Christmas!

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI

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