Pillars of Pain

Thursday, December 10, 2020

5 pax joined D2 for a leg beatdown on this brisk and beautiful morning!

Warmed up with a mosey, some arm circles, SSH’s, and squats

The Things:

-Mosey to the pillars

-Run to the 1st pillar 2 squats return to start, run to 2nd pillar 4 squats return to start, 3rd pillar 6 squats return to start, 4th pillar 8 squats return to start…until we reach 12 pillars and 24 squats

-Lunge to the 1st pillar skip back, Lunge to the 2nd pillar skip back, Lunge to the 3rd pillar skip back…finish at 6th

-Mosey to the front

-10 to 1 step ups on the benches with a very short, maybe 10 yards, run between each number

-Duck walk roughly 75 yards

-Lateral LOW shuffle between 2 cones and do squats 10 to 1 at the cones

-Finished with a long pyramid suicide, work up then back down.

The End.


Happy Hour tonight at Growler

No spoken prayer requests

Iron sharpens Iron

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter

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