Grandma’s house we go!

Grandma’s house we go!

Its Monday.  Its Dark.  The streets are quiet.  There’s a little wetness on the ground from an early drizzle.  6 PAX got out of bed and started their week off right.

Huggers, tappy taps, and some SSH hops was the warmup and plenty of small talk.  A disclaimer was announced at some point.

M.A.N. always (Modify As Necessary)


Grandma’s house we go…  A journey from “home” to the in-laws, family friends’, high-school buddy house, that crazy Uncle, and any other stop your family traditions may take you until you end up at Grandma’s house.  In concept, that’s what I envisioned.  In reality, we moseyed from “home” (the end of the parking lot) through a straight shot to the “T” at the end of the pier.  3 stops along the way (the visits) and a random stop for “Dips” that would represent the unforeseen events only Holiday travel brings.

5, 10, 15 count (Merkins, BBS, Squats) and 10 dips in the middle.

We did 4 sets (3 stops and 2 dips) and each time at “Grandma’s house” we did a bonus; 5 Burpees was first, second was Elbow plank for 60 seconds, third I have forgotten and then the final (4th) was a burnout of ; 50 Squats, 40 American hammers , 30  Carolina dry docks, 20 merkins, 10 BBS , 5 Burpees   

Mosey back to flags for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

My previous Backblast was more of a “Christmas-type” rhyme.  This time I wanted to impress you all with my skills at Haiku.  Now, before you Literary NERDS critique the absence of a typical 5-7-5 format (for those that don’t know a Traditional Japanese Haiku is 3 lines, 17 syllables (5-7-5 for the lines) I used a more modern version but, and it’s a big BUT I followed the standard of the focus being on a brief moment in time, employs a provocative, colorful imagery and provides a sudden moment of illusions.

Haiku 1:

Into the dark,

 Blackberry appears – sleepy,

 Late. Late. Late.

Haiku 2:

Wine for dinner,

Just for a sip,

Frugal is Loveseat’s taste. 😊

Haiku 3:

Miss Identification,

For fear of wrong date,

Footloose was here.

Haiku 4:

Birthday for WarChicken,

69 is the year to celebrate

So many ways.


Prayers for those traveling and those that cant.  This country and the people in this community.

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

Loveseat, Butterfinger, Footloose, BlackBerry, UpTownGirl and Siri

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI

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