12 Days of Christmas – F3 style!

12 Days of Christmas – F3 style!

Thank you…

Pentatonix Christmas Album for the background jams.

Blake Sheldon for his rendition of Jingle Bell Rock

F3 Raleigh for their inspiration for the 12 days of Christmas list.

Huge props to War Chicken for invited a buddy to his senior.  Welcome Dave  aka Mr Brady

WE welcomed the FNF, small talk and started some easy warm ups.

Planked Blake Sheldon’s Jingle Bell Rock and did a MErkin for every time “Jingle” was heard.  Only about 20 MErkins…but there were some long plank times.

A 20 yard Mosey to our starting position for the 12 Days of Christmas.


12 Days of Christmas – Concept is pretty simple.

Day 1 – do the activity one time

Day 2 – do the exercise 2x then do Day 1

Day 3 – 3 x then Day 2 then Day 1….

Finally, Day 12 – do 12 of the exercise then, 11x, 10x,… work your way back down to Day 1.

F3 12 Days of Christmas:

Day 1 – Lap at drop off lane (there and back)

Day 2 – Burpee (2x)

Day 3 – Merkin (3x)

Day 4 – Am. Hammers, 2 count (4x)

Day 5 – Lunges, single (5x)

Day 6 – Plank Jacks (6x)

Day 7 – Mountain Climbers (7x)

Day 8 – Hallelujahs (8x)

Day 9 – LBCs (9x)

Day 10 – Squats (10x)

Day 11 – SSH, 4 count in cadence (11x)

Day 12 – Carolina Dry docks (12x)

I had a gift exchange prepared but we ran out of time…maybe next year!

Homemade cookies and fresh brewed coffee was a nice treat at completion.

Naked Moleskin:

It was a rare outing when Siri (43) is the War baby and War Chicken (69) is NOT the War Daddy.  Respect and Legend to our FNG Dave who will forever be Mr. Brady 72.  He shared a life of love (45 years marriage..and happy, been coming to island since the 70’s I believe and moved here permanently from ATL a few years ago.  He is a retired Architect that had his own business.  MR. Brady (Brady bunch architect father) seemed like an appropriate fit.

What ever your age, size, fitness status, etc.  Be intentional.  Make the effort. And get out of bed and get after it.


Prayers for those traveling and those that cant.  This country and the people in this community.

Thank you guys for the morning chatter, the hard work, and the comradery only the GLOOM can bring!

BlackBerry, War Chicken, Fidget Spinner, FNG Dave (Mr. Brady) and Siri

Chad Goehring, 43, SIRI

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