Tires to be tired

9 HIMs gathered to battle the tires on Christmas Eve. Co-Q’ed by @yogibearssi and @jeterpatrick we split the workout and the group into two teams.

After a short warm up of SSH, LBAC. Weed pickers, squats and planks, we demoed the correct form to lift a big tire.

Da thang: 2big tractor tires, two teams, flip it 15 times with a merkin after each flip then 5 decline merkins and 5 box jumps. 3 sets.

Next was the 18 wheeler steel belted tire with a long rope attached. One team dragged it 3 at a time while other 3 did 2 burpees, continue around parking lot while other team ran ahead and circled to take over. 4 laps of this was brutal.

3 more sets with tractor tires.

Last round with 18 wheeler tire, whole crew stood facing the tire pulling it towards them, man closest drops off and does a merkin. Men continually added on end to pull it around circle.

Finish up with a D2 whirlwind of body weight exercises.

Pray for Joe, family of @warchickenssi who is battling some hard medical issues.

Welcome FNG, @heartbreaker34 brother in, named brotherbear.

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