A Brief History of Notre Dame

(posted on behalf of Rudy)

Thanks to Cow Tipper for offering YHC (Rudy - from New Orleans) the opportunity to Q during a vacation to your fair island.  YHC provided fair warning that there would be plenty of discussion of all things Irish, but perhaps that warning was not disseminated to the PAX.  In that case, YHC gave the assembled PAX fair warning.  And with Love Seat showing the way, at 5:30 am we were off.

Quick Warmup: Windmills, Grass Grabbers (aka Weed Pullers, a new term I just learned…), SSH and IW.  Then lets get busy.

Thing 1: Quick round of "Burp or Merk" trivia.  YHC asks a question about ND football.  Correct Answers mean 5 merks.  Incorrect Answers mean 3 burps.  Mr. Brady's wild guess of "2" was the correct answer to "How many victories does ND have in its last 20 games against Top 5 teams".  Otherwise, a mix of Burps (USC is the team that has beaten us the most in that same stretch) and Merks (Michigan!  Who else besides Clemson did we beat….)

Thing 2: ND Presidential Ladder: Ladder (each rung adds to what we did the previous time) for historic presidents of Notre Dame5 Burpees: Blessed Basil Moreau: French priest responsible for the missionary work sending the Holy Cross Fathers out to the United States
10 Squats: Fr. Edward Sorin: Founder of Notre Dame
15 Merkins: Fr. Andrew Morrissey: Early President and very strong promponent of the value of educating you men in the US wilderness.
20 Crunchy Frogs: Fr. William Corby: Chaplain for the Irish Brigade in the Civil War
25 Imperial Walkers: Fr. Thomas Walsh: Rebuilt ND after the great fire that destroyed the dome.
30 Hello Dolly: Fr. Patrick Dillon: Entered priesthood at 12, President at 25, died at 28.

Thing 3: Route 88s: Last ND championship was, alas, in 1988 (YHC's senior year, fwiw)Its like a Route 66, but add 2 at each stop.  We'll do Bobby Hurley's.  Finish up with 88 Bobby Hurleys.  Love Seat may not have done quite that many as he seemed to decide just to do 1 or 2 at each lightpost.  Interesting counting in the island.

Thing 4: Out to the pier.  The Ring of Fire.  University burnt down in 1848.  Fr. Sorin's alleged quote (paraphrased by Rudy): "I had the audacity to name my University after Our Mother.  This fire is her message that I didn't dream big enough for such a monument.  So I will build it back, bigger and more majestic".  And so he did.

Circle up, hold a plank.  PAX 1 starts Merkins.  Count out loud to 5, count in your head the rest of the way to 10.  Next PAX starts at the 5 count.  And so on.  Took 3 rounds to get the counting right.  

Then I'll commemorate the 5 Pillars of the Holy Cross Education: Mind, Heart, Family, Zeal and Hope.  With each one, we'll do 5 "Rise Ups" as we call it in NOLA.  Hold Squat while YHC counts down from 5.  Squat Jump and return immediately back to Squat form.  That's 1.  Do again x5.  Then repeat x5 (total of 25).  Not sure about you  St Simons folks but YHC's quads were starting to burn.  You all seemed totally unphased, causing me to look longingly at War Chicken's massive thighs.

Head back to the starting place for a COT, closing with YHC's Jesuit prayer for Generosity:

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve.
To give, and not to count the costs.
To fight, and not to heed the wounds.
To toil, and not to seek for rest.
To labor, and not to ask for reward
except that of knowing that I am doing your will.

Thank you for humoring me, and allowing me to serve you all on this glorious, if chilly, Monday morning.  Your island is beautiful!

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