11 HIMS gathered in the gloom to make themselves better men. After intros and warm-ups a timer was set to buzz every minute on the minute. Burpee every minute.

Mosey up the entry road running backwards, sideways, skipping, etc. At entry we did a few ab exercises. Uptown picked up on how you looked forward to the burpee to get out of the plank.

Plank line shuffle run back then to the playground for a ladder of pull ups, dips and sprint, 1-10 reps.

Close out with some yogi yoga, D2 was so so excited to give his news, Tuesday and Sandy Bottom Bagel at 8am for bookclub reading F3 book.

Mr Brady (war Legend), Uptown (respect), Blackberry (respect), Rosie, Mallcop, Loveseat, Heartbreaker, D2, 10-40, and Tooltime?.

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