The Crucible

11 brave pax met in the gloom to brave the crucible. In fact, Yogi and D2 were without access to a car this morning and actually ran to the workout just for the chance to test their mettle (for the record, I make no guarantee to the veracity of that statement). Unfortunately, many men have thrown themselves against the crucible, only to be broken by it. To my knowledge it has never been fully completed in a 45 minute workout, and that record and testament unfortunately still stands*.

Comprehensive disclaimers were given, then we warmed up – Michael Phelps, weed pickers, SSH, tempo squats, bat wings sequence.

The Crucible – all exercises were done between two big oaks in the parking lot. Line up on one, make your way per the instructions to the other tree, do some exercises, come back. Each round builds on the ones before it (i.e., each time you do a new round you come back and do all the preceding rounds, a la 12 days of Christmas workout). Someone** had the apt metaphor of it being like one of those super hoppy IPAs – tastes good at the beginning, but after 30 minutes you’re like, this kinda sucks, I don’t know if I can finish this.

The thang:

Mosey to tree:

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 smurf Jacks
  • 10 plank jacks

Slowzy with weight overhead to tree:

  • 10 overhead presses
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 bent over rows

Lunge walk to tree:

  • 10 monkey humpers
  • 10 squats
  • 10 Bobby hurleys

Bear crawl to tree:

  • ATM – 10 alternating shoulder taps (2 count)
  • 10 Tempo merkins
  • 10 Merkins

Crab walk / farmers carry both weights (alternate with partner between rounds)

  • 10 curls
  • 10 tricep extension
  • 10 eagle wings

Burpee broad jump to tree

  • 10 crunches
  • 10 big boys
  • 10 crunchy frogs

We did not get finished, though we probably would have with another 5 minutes. I blame my own lengthy disclaimer and warmup.

Announcements – book club this morning, 8 am, Sandy Bottom Bagel. Manna House on Saturday.


Naked Man Moleskin:

There was chatter on slack and this morning about being the 6. My take on it is this – if you’re the 6 it means that you are pushing yourself to do something that sucks. It is physically hard to wake up and work out, and it’s mentally hard to know that those merkins and runs and whatnot are even harder for you than others. So in my mind you’re the freakin boss for waking up, looking in the mirror, and saying “bring it on” anyways. The 6 is the one that’s always pushing yourself to your breaking point – it’s never easy.

Freed to Lead says that the 6 is why we’re out here, and it’s true. We’re here to push ourselves, to be better men, and to help other men along the way. There’s always a 6, so never apologize for being him this time. And when you’re not the 6, remember to look out for him.

*I came up with the Crucible last night at 11.
**Me, I said this

One thought on “The Crucible

  1. Yes. Love the chatter about the 6 and I like the way you characterize it Loveseat. I always tell guys who are worried about being slow that if you’re out there putting in the work, no one should be judging your performance

    Great use of asterisks, BTW

    Liked by 1 person

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