Stairway to Heaven

Five Pax met in the chilly gloom to gaze at the stars and get a good workout. I would say we accomplished both.

Started with a quick warmup then off the to steps by the flagpole. Simple workout. Start at bottom of steps with ten reps of the chosen exercise then up the seven steps and nine reps, back down eight…you get the picture. 55 reps and 35 step ups in each group. Finished 11 groups with rotating suggestions from the pax. (Merkins, LBC, Jump Squats, Carolina DD, American Hammers, Freddy Mercurys, Dips, Scissor Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Side Straddle Hops, and Plank Jacks. Total reps 605, total step ups 385.

Prayers for Loveseat tomorrow as he takes Valeria to the audiologist. @uptowngirl kept up his streak of missing workouts. Looking good to the 18 he predicted earlier in the month.

Loveseat, Huey Louie, Mr Brady and Earhart were in attendance.

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