Awakening: F3 SSI returns

Awakening: F3 SSI returns  2020.05.02 With COVID-19 very much a prat of everyone’s life; the stress, fear, sickness, and unknown; we (men of F3) can come together a few times a week and just let is go. Social Distance (a term now defining 2020) was our 11th man for this “awakening” beatdown, early Sat morning.  [...]

Moon-lit morning!

I awoke in the Gloom with a broken heart. And that seemed to follow me around for the entire workout. Rode my bike to the entrance of the Commons for a light warm up and pause to gaze at the moon. A jog in the darkness to OPES for a C.L.I.M.B. beat-down.... heartbroken and all, [...]

Roadside Cleanup

Inspired by a random encounter with our GA Department of Corrections; the prisoners were working the roadside hard.. A Q was stewing within me. Put some notes together and blasted everyone to fartsack another day cause Renegade this week is going to be EPIC...uniforms will be available. Due to the dangers of any roadside work [...]

Better than a Cowtipper’s Q – The Group Q

Better than Cowtipper’s Q – the 4yr anniversary Group Q 2020.03.05 With an early morning check on SLACK, Cowtipper notified us that his stomach bug wasn’t worth sharing with the PAX.  Without saying it, we thanked him for fartsacking and not spreading his on deadly virus…especially in today’s volatile human compassion. I quickly said I’ll [...]