SIRI WEEK 2021 3/1         3/2         3/4         3/13 (should have been 3/6) 16 Pax and YHC joined for a week long beatdown.  Everyday consisted of the same format: 3 sets of 4 exercises, at increasing number of reps – 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x. do each set 3x’s with short runs, moseys, bear crawls, lunge walks, etc. [...]

F3 JAX – why I do F3

Dustin Jordan@F3_ItalianJob Why do I do F3?For 45 minutes to an hour a day, I can forget about the problems of the world & instead share comaraderie with men who strive to be better than yesterday. Yes, it’s adult recess, but we each aim to be better men while having fun. #MoreThanAWorkoutGroup It's pretty much [...]

January – By the NUMBERS

January – BY THE NUMBERS 2021.01.24 With the last week of January upon us I thought it would be good encouragement to recap F3 SSI thus far.  With a wild ride into a heated Presidential Election/Inauguration and COVID concerns, restrictions, and opinions – January 2021 is off. We are excited to welcome a few new [...]