We got Jacked this morning.

We started the morning in a frenzy because our almighty Q @heehaw1 chose to fartsack.  He says it was worth it, and we may agree, but today's Q got everyone JACKED, especially @loveseat.  YHC was overwhelmed with the 15 who showed up expecting @heehaw1. I have never had that many in attendance, personally.  Maybe more people show [...]

Killing me softly

10 Hims did 30min of HIIT. @heartbreaker, @yogibear, @charmin, @payday, @labrat, @siri, @blackcherry, @warchicken, @rosebud and YHC. warmup- lap, lbac x30, 5 burpees, windmill 10x, weed pick, lap. the Thang- all intervals start with exercise then 30sec of ssh, last is hard rest for 30sec #1 Air squats Merkins Jump Squats Full tuck crunch Rest [...]

Dodge the ball

Temperature was a  brisk 42 degrees so I had to come up with everything I could to get us warm and going.  Hence, the soundtrack...@bundy you really missed out.  I'm not as fancy as you with your pre-selected playlists, but if you just build the "bawitdaba" station in Pandora, you will be quite satisfied for [...]

5, 10, 15 – 20 Times

@rosebud, @loveseat, and YHC posted this am for a perfect morning for a beat down. We started with a mosey to the playground. Then warmup: LBAC, huggers, weed pickers, Jeff imperial walkers, quad stretch, calf stretch, 10 pullups, 10 hanging leg raises, 10 pull-ups, 10 hanging leg raises. Then we worked out. Head to living [...]

[no] Leg Day

Man what a morning.  10 stud horse-looking bad-a$$ mofo's came out and absolutely crushed it this am.  By the end of our workout there were ladies lurking in the trees about to pounce, so we hastily made our escape to maintain the sanctity of our marriages.  God, thank you for swift feet and reliable vehicles. Today's [...]

*That was just the warm-up*

We had a nice 82 degree breeze to move the hot air around and an incredible heat-lightning display sponsored by our creator for this Monday morning workout.  In attendance was: @d2, @uptowngirl, @heehaw, @rosebud, and yours truly. For the warmup...Inchworm from sidewalk to flag-pole.  This was the hardest part of the day. Mosey to playground.  [...]