Curves for Men

With no Q en que for today's workout YHC and Nantan debated in the parking lot over who was the most equipped to lead the PAX.  The debate quickly ended when Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" began to chirp over the boombox.  I couldn't resist.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and testosterone and my hips, [...]

2nd Day of WORK

After @heehaw1 brought the noise on Monday I wanted to make sure I controlled the action for Tuesday's beatdown.  I have been out a lot lately for vacations, etc., so I am happy to get back into the swing of things, just a little reluctant to be so SORE! 7 in attendance this morning: @mattdart78, [...]

Summer Ski Training

When I committed to Q right before bed and had no intention of staying up to plan an elaborate beat-down, I woke up, scanned through some old logs, and came across a gem we did back in January when I was working hard to prep for the slopes, hence the title.  10 PAX came out, [...]

The DERKINS are coming!

It was a cool crisp morning, 80 degrees with a light and variable breeze out of the west, at least 1-2mph. 5 pax in attendance: loveseat, war chicken, labrat, rosebud, and yhc. Disclaimer, warmup: mosey to end of pier, lbac f/r, leg stretches, merkins, mosey to Mallery. at Mallery: 5 alternating sets of 5 reps [...]

Hot Diggety Dog

Steamy, 80+ degrees and 80+% humidity.  It was a badge of honor when I realized 44% of the PAX had to go bare-chested to finish in comfort (or style).  On that note, BlackCherry has really done some work for beach season.  I think he got a hold of Trump's spray tan specialist and helped himself [...]

Boom Box AMRAP

Failure is not an option, unless it is.  Today was all about failure, that was actually the whole point.  3 turned out and I did my best to make the misery enjoyable, with my new Boom Box. @loveseat, @suds, YHC. Warmup- SSH, Don Quixote, Can-Cans, Merkins, Mosey to Sunken-Living Room. Each song was accompanied by [...]

Abs on demand

If you didn’t come, then you probably don’t have six pack abs. Sadly, we don’t either. Labrat, specialk, loveseat, heehaw, airballs, and YHC turned out this morning with no Q en Q to lead us. I stepped up and we started warming up. jeff imperial walkers, Jamaican nightclubs, leg swings, mosey to end of pier [...]

I may tear my sack

Footloose, loveseat, uptowngirl, rosebud, blackcherry, judgejudy, moonshine, Siri, stitches, pearlman, TC, and yHC showed up, we will jus leave it at that, we all showed up. Pretty pitiful group, seriously. warmup- huggers, Jamaican nightclubs, Moroccan nightclubs, merkins, can-cans. mosey to Ssumc. agility drills, partner up, suicides while partner does merkins, switch. Mosey to Mallery basketball court. [...]