We did two AMRAPs after we warmed up: Clean and Jerks - sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... run 30 yards to tree and back in between each set. Merkins and Squats - sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... complete 30 abs in between each set. I believe our beloved loveseat led the [...]


Today’s title has nothing to do with the workout, but then again, it fits. Well, not really, definitely not, but who names a workout anyways. What a weird thing to do. In attendance: warchicken, loveseat, yogi bear, Siri, fidgetSpinner, butterfinger, yhc. warmup- lbac, hillbillies, running burpees. the thang- 10 sets of suicides. Each suicide consisted [...]

2 x 10 AMRAPs

5 PAX met in the gloom, against the better judgement of some, to complete a nice, although brief, beatdown.  WarChicken decided to fartsack given the confirmed sighting of waterspouts out in the sound, and continuous flashes of lighting.  He missed a treat. Warmup- tappy taps, Jeff Imperial walkers, merkins. AMRAP #1: 10 minutes Sets of [...]

1stF Out Front

Temperature: 77F. Humidity 57%. Time: 11:11am-11:41am AOQ: 305 Clyde Lee Jordan Lane - Front Workout: Weighted HIIT After my morning grind I carved out a 30 minute spot for a spring workout where I planned to hit every major muscle group and maintain a solid heart rate above 150.  I succeeded with that goal and [...]

Murph Monday – Part 1

I'm a sucker for an easy, terrible workout, so my goal each monday I lead (until I get bored, i get bored easy) will be a variation of our beloved murph.  Maybe we can start a new tradition of Murph Mondays.  Way to fartsack @uptowngirl. Warmup- SSH, Quad Stretch, Mosey to big Neptune Playground. The [...]


My ankle is still a little busted so I was trying to find a solid workout that involved little to no running.  I kept thinking Murph, but without the 1 mile there and back I knew I had to really expand the workout to eat up 15-20 minutes.  So, here is what we did: 100 [...]

For the ‘Football Stud’

Dips I was so excited to put together a workout I thought could make even a young 'football stud' cry, but turns out only us old guys were crying at the end, because he didn't show up. Warmup- Huggers, Can-Cans, Tappy-Taps, Jamaican Night Clubs, Deep Lounge Stretch, Merkins. Mosey. I took a volunteer to carry [...]