The Swole-Tel

The goal: don't do a leg exercise because my quads are trash going back to last thursday, then saturday, then monday. It was a balmy 83 degrees, 98% humidity.  Winds, light and non-existent.  Soundtrack: Beasty Boys station on Pandora. The Thang: 10 Minute EMOM 15 Merkins and 15 Bent-Over Rows 10 Minute EMOM 10 Curls [...]


Led Zepplin in the background, I made my way to the circle forming from our early morning group.  Boombox in hand, we began with the disclaimer... Warmup- Can-Cans, Merkins, Weed-Pickers, LBAC, O/H Claps. Mosey to Bus Lane The Thang: 6 rounds for time- 24 Air Squats, 24 Merkins, 24 Lounges, Run to final column and [...]

Monday, Monday, Monday

It was a monday.  We were all tired and needed a good workout, but not one that was too punishing.  So that is what we did. Warmup - none. Mosey to Mallery Park.  At mallery, 25 pullups, 50 merkins, 100 squats - OYO. Mosey to SSPresChurch.  At SSPC, 100 Flutter-Kicks, 50 Lounges, 25 Burpees - [...]

Welcome Cocoa Butter

The title goes out to our newest FNG, Cocoa Butter.  After trying for the past 6 months I was finally able to assign the most beautiful F3 nickname, possibly ever. For today's edition of IronMan I went back to an oldie, but a goody.  My creativity was all used up in anticipation of naming our [...]


Monday morning.  Temp: 79 degrees.  Humidity 99%.  Skies: partly cloudy. We warmed up on the pier, felt nice.  Scenery was awesome, then we ran to the hottest, muggiest place I could find: SSUMC. Did a few suicides using the parking lot lines: Partner does LBC's while you run suicides for the 11 lines. Partner does [...]


We did two AMRAPs after we warmed up: Clean and Jerks - sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... run 30 yards to tree and back in between each set. Merkins and Squats - sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... complete 30 abs in between each set. I believe our beloved loveseat led the [...]


Today’s title has nothing to do with the workout, but then again, it fits. Well, not really, definitely not, but who names a workout anyways. What a weird thing to do. In attendance: warchicken, loveseat, yogi bear, Siri, fidgetSpinner, butterfinger, yhc. warmup- lbac, hillbillies, running burpees. the thang- 10 sets of suicides. Each suicide consisted [...]

2 x 10 AMRAPs

5 PAX met in the gloom, against the better judgement of some, to complete a nice, although brief, beatdown.  WarChicken decided to fartsack given the confirmed sighting of waterspouts out in the sound, and continuous flashes of lighting.  He missed a treat. Warmup- tappy taps, Jeff Imperial walkers, merkins. AMRAP #1: 10 minutes Sets of [...]