Arms and Abs

This foggy morning saw the Q pull in at 0515 on the nose. A 30 second warning was given, followed by the disclaimer. The Thang Sparkles Best Stretch Quad Stretch Lap around the Parking Lot COP-IC LBACF-10 LBACR-10 Moraccon Night Club-10 Iron Cross-30 seconds Wonder Bra-10 Lap around the Parking Lot LBC-10 LBC one foot-10 [...]


1/25 Disclaimer COP-IC 30-SSH 30-LBACF 30-LBACB 30-Moroccan Night Club 30-Wonder Bra 30-Iron Cross Lap around parking lot 30-Squats suicide 30-Jump Squats suicide 30-Ninja Squats Suicide Lap around parking lot to Benches 30-step ups 10-step up merry go round (30 total) 30-calf raises-IC 15-Tempo Calf Raises-IC 15-calf raises-IC 20-dips 20-Incline Mericans 15-Fire Hydrants R 15-Fire Hydrants [...]

9/30-Back to the Gridiron The last Saturday of September saw 14 Pax show up for a beat down. With the humidity slowing leaving, it was a nice 79 degrees at start time. Disclaimer was given, then the Q shared the story of Cheech and reminded Pax that tomorrow isn't promised, so get after it today. [...]