Platinum Man

Lucky number seven pax started with a healthy warm-up on a cool morning: Arm circles forward, arm circles reverse, tempo squats with hold, imperial walkers, side straddle hop, week pickers, leg pullbacks, and speed skaters. Central upper body workout included: Overhead Press (4 count 15-12-9-6-3), Curls (1 count 15, 12, 9, 6, 3), Tempo Merkins [...]

The Power of Seven

As the moon hung low, a bruised (from Hee Haw's Jailbreak) 6-PAX met to discover the Power of Seven X 4 WARM UP (MNC, LBAC-F, Deep Squat and Hold, Low LBAC-B, SSH, Flutter Kicks, Imperial Walkers, Skip/Side Shuffle/Skip/Side Shuffle around the track) ARMS & CHEST (Curls, Merkins, Shoulder Presses, Presses, BOR, Mosey/Run/Mosey/Run) CORE (BBS, American [...]