Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S., Take 4

It was a balmy 56 degrees this morning with 12 PAX choosing the DRP.  Our Q was in a hurry to get started so we started with a brisk mosey lap and jumped right into it: The Thang: Partner B.O.M.B.S. YHC tried, once again, to get the Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S. formula down.  The [...]

The Turkey Day Kickball Classic

To celebrate the Glynn County Inaugural Adult Kickball league champions (Let's Kick It), today marked the first annual Turkey Day Kickball Classic.  Uptown Girl brought the players out in force and helped make sure we had a great game.  Team captains were Sharktooth and Bambino and Bambino made the right picks to build today's winning [...]

2nd Annual Back-to-School Kickball Extravaganza

We had a great turnout for our 2nd Annual back to school Extravaganza this morning!  Final score was 7-3 with Teebow’s team picking up the W.  Welcome to all of our new FNGs, including Matlock, Sonic, Chipper, Shaq, and Triple.  Prayer requests for Twinkletoes as he recovers from his UF injury and prayers for the [...]

Commander Cuddles BEATdown Redux

The Thang: Light mosey to the round-about to get our blood flowing.  Woz started us off with the disclaimer and opening prayer before jumping into the COP. Circle of Pain (COP): Imperial Walkers, x20 Little Baby Arm Circles (LBAC), Forward, x20 LBAC, Reverse, x20 Wonderbra, x20 Around the Round-Abound Lunge around 1/4 loop Little Baby [...]

Irma Gonna Get You

It was a beautiful morning with 14 PAX in attendance, including 1 FNG (welcome, Super Sally!). Warm Up - Rucksacks On Little Baby Arm Circles Chinooks Body Twists The Thang Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S - Buddy up with one rucksack between each pair.  Partner #1 puts on rucksack and starts walking.  Partner #2 does [...]

Kickball in September

It was a beautiful morning as 11 PAX and 4 2.0's came out for our monthly game of F3 Fitness Kickball.  YHC opened with the standard disclaimers and we moseyed to Mallery Park.  Following tradition, the 2.0s selected teams and the games commenced.  Today's rules were as follows: Batting Team On deck: Mini workout – next to [...]

An AUGUST Game of Kickball

Another first Saturday of the month, another F3 Kickball workout by Woz.  Ten brave men and one 2.0 chose the harder thing by coming out this morning. The Thang Mosey to Mallery Park Circled up for a short stretch and warm-up and explained the rules As soon as the pitch is released, the PAX rotates [...]