It pays to be a winner…or does it?

9 men gathered in the beautiful morning to get some sweat on! We had a special guest from an Atlanta F3 chapter, Suds join us! Warm up, run in a circle, turn it inside, turn it outside, switch directions. Jump squats and weed pickers. Then we flutter kicked while we took turns running around the [...]

Birthday Beatdown

8 men gathered in the crisp 39 degree morning for a birthday beatdown. I couldn't think of a better way to start my birthday! Warmup, 45 SSH, weedpickers, 45 flutter kicks 1st round: 3 sets of 45 sec electric chair followed by 10 4 count merkins 2nd round: 9-1 alternating ladder pullups and dips (bars [...]

Where 2 are gathered

This morning @heartbreaker and I faced the workout with eachother and knocked out a good sweat. After some stretches we did a descending ladder from 10 reps to one of merkins, monkey humpers and burpee, sprinting from one cone to the next in between. After getting our heart rates up we did a couple laps [...]

Good Merkin F3!

9 awesome brothers gathered in the crisp 52 degree morning to get some fitness done. We posted the flags and mosey'd to the pier to do 50 4-count SSH and weedpickers (emphasis on thrusting the hip) as a warm up.Then:10 tempo merkins, 10 LBAC10 hand release merkins, 10 LBAC10 walk out merkins, 10 Overhead clap10 [...]