Where 2 are gathered

This morning @heartbreaker and I faced the workout with eachother and knocked out a good sweat. After some stretches we did a descending ladder from 10 reps to one of merkins, monkey humpers and burpee, sprinting from one cone to the next in between. After getting our heart rates up we did a couple laps [...]

Ricky’s Vida Loca

Ricky’s Vida Loca Volunteered for my first Q this past Jailbreak and since I am Ricky Martin, I decided to incorporate some song driven workouts.  Thanks to Heehaw for providing the speaker!! It was 5:30 and was pleasantly surprised with a good turnout of people. Introduced my self and we then proceeded to mosey to [...]

A Classic beat-down RSM style

A Classic Beat-down RSM Style 2019.11.18 3:41a – stupid cat banging on our door…Wait, that was last week…well yes, it happened again but who cares.  I get up early and so do most of you guys.  Let’s get to it…. And this also happened again….5:35-ish Blackberry arrives… With it being the 10th Anniversary of the [...]

The one that got away

I had a little fiasco on Tuesday morning, for those that have not heard. I missed BlackBerry’s HIIT workout because I accidentally set my alarm for 12:10 instead of 5:10 and found myself at st Simons community church at 12:30 am wondering where everyone was.   I think of that workout as the one that [...]

Good Merkin F3!

9 awesome brothers gathered in the crisp 52 degree morning to get some fitness done. We posted the flags and mosey'd to the pier to do 50 4-count SSH and weedpickers (emphasis on thrusting the hip) as a warm up.Then:10 tempo merkins, 10 LBAC10 hand release merkins, 10 LBAC10 walk out merkins, 10 Overhead clap10 [...]

AMRAP for a 6’er

First and foremost, I appreciate the engineering that @chadsiri did to secure the F3 Flag to his mucho macho chick cruiser. Disclaimer (inserted my soapbox opinion on why we're staying in the lot...  only two PAX had reflective clothing on, we shouldn't be running along side of or on the road without proper protective gear) [...]