Body by Dodgeball

It was a lovely Thursday morning when 6 showed up for Renegade at OPES.  @dodgeball, @loveseat, @milkbone, @heartbreaker, @stitches, and @bundy rounded out the group.  You will notice a change in these guys after today's workout.  They are leaner, stronger, and altogether more irresistible to...everyone. We started with a mosey to our halfway point, the [...]


Week two brought another great test of mettle!! Breeze felt good, but the humidity didn’t get the notice to calm down!! We had 8 able bodied pax attempt the challenge and YHC there to maintain integrity. The Thang AMRAP for 8 Min with a cinderblock each of the following. A 2 minutes break between each [...]

2nd Annual Back-to-School Kickball Extravaganza

We had a great turnout for our 2nd Annual back to school Extravaganza this morning!  Final score was 7-3 with Teebow’s team picking up the W.  Welcome to all of our new FNGs, including Matlock, Sonic, Chipper, Shaq, and Triple.  Prayer requests for Twinkletoes as he recovers from his UF injury and prayers for the [...]

Good News, Bad News

Temperature: 82°, feels like 89°, humidity 90%, barometer 1021-1023, clear skies. Today's workout was titled "Good News, Bad News" because sometimes it seems like every time something seems like a good thing, there's a catch. First exercise: Good news: we were only going to do 10 burpees, the bad news: they were 1-10 contra burpees [...]


Today was the start of IRONPAX, a challenge that was issued by F3Greenwood. Each Monday in the month of August we’ll have a different challenge and keep score. YHC will Q with a clipboard as I’m on the DL. Loved having visitors from The Fort and North Augusta. The Thang 4 Rounds 50-Air Squats 40-Big [...]

F3 Golf

A new classic we has a solid turnout for a lovely Saturday morning in the park. @heartbreaker, @milkbone, @rosebud, @uptowngirl, @suess, @tinker, @stitches, and @dodgeball - who showed up a minute late for his own Q, due to a last second call-back for a morning Brunswick. Its safe to say none of us will be [...]

Don’t Go Chasing…Dodgeball

Nine sweaty young lads chased each other around Oglethorpe this morning for their weekly installment of Renegade: The Thang: Disclaimer Slaughter Starter - 20 burpees OYO Mosey around the school to playground COP SSH x 25 Wide arm x 10 Lunges x 15 Dolly x 15 Mountain climber x 10 Carolina dry docks x 10 [...]


We hear a lot of chirping throughout the weekend on slack but it was all quiet this morning for the Q.  4 of the strong showed up: @cher, @dodgeball, @rosebud, and @hammerhead. We started with a mosey to the end of the pier to warm the legs, then arms/shoulders with little baby arm circles, wonder-bras, [...]