Go Dawgs!

Given that the CFP National Championship game was on a Monday night we probably could have canceled Ironman this morning. Nevertheless, Siri was a HC to Q and had the DiEGO winkie ready to roll (the tide). Just like them Dawgs! It was a very quiet morning when I arrived at Ironman. No Siri and [...]

D2’s Fitness Challenge

I unapologetically stole D2’s January fitness challenge for the format of today’s workout. One minute AMRAP merkins, one minute AMRAP squats, and one minute big boy sit-ups, followed by a short run. Kudos to the 11 guys that showed up; they are now caught up on the challenge.

Renegade Q

8 HIMs gathered to get a workout on this fine, crisp morning. Warm ups and opening statements then we began. Using the cones we did various movements to and from either end such as side shuffle, crab walk, bear crawl, lunges, etc. A couple sprint runs got thrown in there as well. Circle up, hit [...]

Wet and Sandy

The first morning of the new year was beautiful! 16 hard hitters kicked off 2022 with a beach beatdown! F3 introduction and disclaimer Warm-Up Arm Circles - small, medium, big - forward and backwards Roll out the neckPlank walkouts into peter parker, merkins, up dog, down dogSquats Side straddle hops Mosey to the beach. The [...]