Dodgeball Week (2 of 3) 12 sweaty guys. It was a party. warmup- jumping jacks, lbac, merkins. workout- 4 rounds of the following: 1 minute max reps thrusters. 1 minute max reps bent over rows 1 minute max reps burpees 1 minute max reps hang jerks. slowsy lap around parking lot. in attendance- loveseat, Siri, [...]

Dodgeball Week (1 of 3) this morning was the start to the much anticipated dodgeball week. We’ve al been training and preparing for what will definitely be one for the memory banks. Warmup- lbac, don quixote, can-cans, Jamaican nightclubs, overhead claps. mosey to beach. round 1: 20merkins, 20plank walks, run to next boardwalk and back. [...]

Dodgeball Makers

Workout: 10 Dodgeball Makers 20 weighted squats 30 single arm snatches (15 each) 40 weight overhead lounges (20 each) lap 3 rounds of the above, then 10 more dodgeball makers to finish. namearama, cot, prayer. in attendance: warchicken, mr Brady, hueylois, mrs Howell, loveseat, butterfinger, yhc.

Sometimes You Gotta Force It

10 men came together on a beautiful Saturday morning here on SSI. I've been having my share of time in the fartsack recently, so showing up for a workout wasn't in my plans, much less Q'ing it. But sometimes you gotta force it. That's what Uptown did a month or two ago. He put me [...]