9/11 Tour de Village

8 PAX arrived in the gloom for yet another 9/11 themed beatdown. The weather was remarkable, and the early mumblechatter centered on the documentaries produced by MARVEL. We were primed and ready to run. Dodgeball, Loveseat, War Chicken, Mr. Brady, Huey Luey, Butterfinger, Uptown Girl, Earhart WARM-O-RAMA: 6 large arm circles forward, 6 large arm [...]


Not even Tropical Storm Mindy could stop 12 HIMs from the 5:30am Renegade workout. Started with a warm up of LBAC, weed pickers, down/up dog, etc. Slowesy to playground for da thang: Starting at the top of the center pavement, we had three distances by age, under 50 go the whole length, 50s a little [...]


13 HIMS gathered in the gloom to improve their bodies and spirits. Warm up of LBC, weed pickers, SSH, and planks. Mr. Brady and Warchicken were selected as team captains. They picked teams for the upcoming challenge. Facing 2 big tires on the drop off lanes, goal was to team flip your team tire first [...]

Lazy Dora

Ten men met in gloom to push themselves. Warmed up with Weed Pickers, Little Baby Arm Circles, Tempo Squats and Tempo Merkins. Set of ten each, four count, in cadence curls, tricep extensions, bent over rows, and overhead presses. Lazy Dora One: 100 merkins change with partner in sets of ten, partner planks. 200 LBCs [...]

JailBrake 08/23/2021

SailorsWarning attended by Huey Louie - WarDaddy and Legend, Cheese - WarBaby, WarChicken - Honor, FidgetSpinner - Respect, Butterfinger - Respect, Earhart, and LoveSeat who has the flags. We met just after high tide and warmed up and moseyed around the pier. Thinking of the sea creatures we gave respect to the plastic dolphin with [...]

The Inchworm

The goal lately has been to find workouts that can be as incredibly tough as possible, but also one's where no one gets left behind. Today was mostly a running workout with a few exercises mixed in to give those of us non-runners a chance to catch our breath. Warmup- LBAC, Jeff Imperial Walkers, Can-Cans. [...]

_____ crawl

This morning I put together a workout that would make Gene Simmons (and heehaw) proud. It was beautiful, it was incredible, so simple, yet so painful. warmup. Lbac medley, don quixote, quad stretch. workout: from plank position, crawl with your weights about 20-30 yards, then flip to your six, and 20 abs, IC. Repeat for [...]

Hops and Ladders

Hops and Ladders – 2021.08.09 Coming in HOT, I was ready to go.  Q planned.  Weinke in hand.  PAX gathered at flags…well, flag location as neither flag was present! Welcome. Disclaimer. Let’s go Warm up: Mosey to pier for the view, the breeze, and the rotten fish smell Stretching on your own; Michael Phelps, arm [...]