What would you believe if you couldn’t see it?

What do you believe that you haven’t actually seen?  A family story, something you read in the newspaper (remember those), a social media post?  Sure, if we admit it, we have all believed information that we gained from each of these sources.  But why?  They generally all have credibility because of multiple eyewitness accounts.  Aunt [...]

Bundy’s Greatest (???) Years in Music History, Part 4: 2000

Today, with six PAX in tow, YHC dialed the wayback machine to 2000 after multiple requests from Uptown Girl. Though I wouldn’t call 2000 one of the “greatest” years in music history, but there were some memorable songs...but it was hard to cull them when the Hot 100 was loaded with Britney and Christina and [...]

Mean Mugs and Shoulder Shrugs…

This AM was another crisp morning, and we had 8 or so Pax!! (SPEAK UP IF I MISSED YOU). We focused on Shoulders and Abs. Bundy decided to test his herculan strength with his 60# no handled filler bag. Disclaimer was given, and away we went Warm Up (all IC with the resting position being [...]

Inner Caboose

Was about 2 minutes late getting started while we waited for D2 and Heehaw to finish up there ~8 mile pre-ruck (good work men), as well as Twinkletoes and Uptown Girl to find a place to lock up there tricycles. Its been so long since BM has worked out, let alone Q'd, so he embarrassingly [...]

Renegade Raffle

I was another chilly morning in the coldest place on earth. Actually, my thermometer said it was closer to 49°. In defense of OPES, I was told the person who programmed the thermometer at the sign received his PhD in Climatology from the Manor In-stute of Technologee (and Cosmetology), or what Heehaw's people affectionately as [...]

Monday Gut Check…. APFT

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's tha first of the month! Well, it was the first Monday of Q2 also know as April. 8 PAX started promptly at 5:33.... I had to visit Graceland after my solo morning ruck. Disclaimer COP.... About the time i was calling out the first workout one of the [...]

Easter Beatdown

Happy Easter to all! Just a quick backblast on their mornings's workout. Disclaimer Warmup: SSH, Weed pickers, Jeff Imperial Walkers The Thang: Easter egg hunt. Each egg had an exercise associated. Golden egg was Dora1-2-3 with a rock. COT: Read an excerpt from He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado describing the gift God gave [...]