“Measuring Up”

I started the morning out with Ole Blue and #30, we rucked along with the orange cones, which i just now realized I left at the 1 mile mark!  Made it back to the AO and had a moment or two to reflect about Measuring Up.  During F3 Grow School, Dredd, ask the PAX "How [...]

Dirty 30s In Nature’s Sauna

FifteenPAX (including one FNG) fought the allure of the fartsack and met the gloom head-on. And the gloom this morning really forced us to embrace the suck because it was like working out inside a sauna. After everyone assembled and was treated to Rosebud slaloming his ride through the road cones in the OPES drop-off [...]


The weather this morning was delightful, warm but not humid. 13 pax posted for D2's UpDown workout. Almost everyone showed up on time with the exception of 2 or 3 guys. It's better to show up late rather than not at all! The mumblechatter was good this morning and several of our new pax posted [...]

Getting ready for the week

Circle up Ssh ic x25 Merkins ic x10 Mosey to light house Circle up Squats with hold ic x10 Burpees x5 oyo Squats ic x10 Mosey to beach 11s Burpees Merkins Bear crawl between Only did half to keep up with time Mosey up beach Burpees x5 oyo Mosey to flags Dora Lunges, dive bombers [...]

Take Me Out To The Beatdown

18 dedicated PAX, including 3 FNGs, looking to get bigger, stronger, faster, and badder took the weekend by the stones and showed up in the gloom for a beatdown that started with a disclaimer followed by a mosey to Jaycee Field at Mallery Park. Once at Jaycee, the quick warm-up consisted of: LBACF, 10x, IC [...]

Tuesday – the day of no running.

So no running, will there be. Goals of this workout: be difficult, break a sweat, and not move more then 3 feet from where we started. Disclaimer The thang a CoP Ssh ic x10 Merkins ic x10 Jeff imperials ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Grab a weight Thrusters ic x10 Taint ticklers ic x10 with [...]