Boat and Canoe

May 7th, 2020 Man - An adult male who accepts his masculinity, speaks and acts with maturity, embraces responsibility, functions independently, can lead a family faithfully and recognizes his accountability as an image-bearer of God. It was a beautiful brisk morning with temperatures in the 50's and a big full moon. As always the workout [...]

Awakening: F3 SSI returns

Awakening: F3 SSI returns  2020.05.02 With COVID-19 very much a prat of everyone’s life; the stress, fear, sickness, and unknown; we (men of F3) can come together a few times a week and just let is go. Social Distance (a term now defining 2020) was our 11th man for this “awakening” beatdown, early Sat morning.  [...]

2 x 10 AMRAPs

5 PAX met in the gloom, against the better judgement of some, to complete a nice, although brief, beatdown.  WarChicken decided to fartsack given the confirmed sighting of waterspouts out in the sound, and continuous flashes of lighting.  He missed a treat. Warmup- tappy taps, Jeff Imperial walkers, merkins. AMRAP #1: 10 minutes Sets of [...]

It’s Good Friday

We live in interesting times - somebody told me that recently. Most folks would currently put this statement up there with "Rain is Wet" or "Summer asphalt is Hot" - not cutting edge stuff. So perhaps that's why we decided to hold a Good Friday worship service this morning in a parking lot. The idea [...]