For the ‘Football Stud’

Dips I was so excited to put together a workout I thought could make even a young 'football stud' cry, but turns out only us old guys were crying at the end, because he didn't show up. Warmup- Huggers, Can-Cans, Tappy-Taps, Jamaican Night Clubs, Deep Lounge Stretch, Merkins. Mosey. I took a volunteer to carry [...]

Christmas Revival Workout 2019

The air was thick with anticipation.  Hushed tones were heard from the shadows.  Doubts from the PAX were palpable - or it was a Saturday morning at the best AO in F3.   Best AO in the Country Christmas Revival 2019 was greeted with a fiery sky and mild temps.  All conditions were a go.  [...]

Birthday Beatdown

8 men gathered in the crisp 39 degree morning for a birthday beatdown. I couldn't think of a better way to start my birthday! Warmup, 45 SSH, weedpickers, 45 flutter kicks 1st round: 3 sets of 45 sec electric chair followed by 10 4 count merkins 2nd round: 9-1 alternating ladder pullups and dips (bars [...]

Superset Circuits-Milky War Baby, What?

Today felt like a good day for some anaerobic training, so we set out to get pumped up. The workout went something like this: Warmup-SSH, Jeff Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, LBACs The Thang: A series of circuits in stations around the parking lot. The forest station was curb merkins. The second station was shoulder presses, front [...]