Bundy’s Better-Late-Than-Never, TEOTWAWKI/Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Survivalist Prep Spectacular (yes, I know this is a month late…but humor me….)

The weather this morning was cool and perfect. The grass was damp. The dark enveloped us with the chilling embrace of a sinister stranger. It was a great day to sharpen some iron. There’s no better time than the present because you never really know when the undead will rise, the zombies will walk among [...]

5, 10, 15 – 20 Times

@rosebud, @loveseat, and YHC posted this am for a perfect morning for a beat down. We started with a mosey to the playground. Then warmup: LBAC, huggers, weed pickers, Jeff imperial walkers, quad stretch, calf stretch, 10 pullups, 10 hanging leg raises, 10 pull-ups, 10 hanging leg raises. Then we worked out. Head to living [...]

40 minutes of hell…plus 20

On a cool, overcast Saturday, 9 men came out for what was promised to as a ‘challenging’ beatdown. As college basketball kicked off this week, I could not pass up a little homage to ’40 minutes of hell’ from the 1990’s version of the Arkansas Razorbacks that I found in the F3 Library of workouts. [...]

Deck of Death Part Deux – faster, harder, longer

Saturday’s beatdown deserved a backblast so here goes. Seven men met in the gloom, but the Q who signed up wasn’t one of them. After consulting with Uptown Girl, we learned that Woz had emailed in sick at 5:00 am. No worries, the deck of death was on hand. We did an identical warmup as [...]

BOMBS over Oglethorpe

Doesn't have the same ring to it huh? 9 braved the post-Halloween gloom to see if there was any Snickers, M&M, and Warhead sugar still in the bloodstream to fuel a workout.  Spoiler alert: there was The Thang: Disclaimer Mosey to Home Tree COP: SSH x 15 Scorpion dry docks x 10 each leg Baryshnikovs [...]

Platinum Man

Lucky number seven pax started with a healthy warm-up on a cool morning: Arm circles forward, arm circles reverse, tempo squats with hold, imperial walkers, side straddle hop, week pickers, leg pullbacks, and speed skaters. Central upper body workout included: Overhead Press (4 count 15-12-9-6-3), Curls (1 count 15, 12, 9, 6, 3), Tempo Merkins [...]