Heavy Day

As I was recovering from what I am calling a light version of the Flu...or maybe it was the full dose and I am just such a physical specimen that I crushed it in two days, then laughed in it's face (the latter is probably not true, but maybe), I wanted to do an exceptionally [...]

Curves for Men

With no Q en que for today's workout YHC and Nantan debated in the parking lot over who was the most equipped to lead the PAX.  The debate quickly ended when Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" began to chirp over the boombox.  I couldn't resist.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and testosterone and my hips, [...]

If You Can’t Do It, Don’t ….

When I went to bed last night there was nothing on the #calendar channel on Slack for this week's workouts or who was the Q for Jailbreak.  I checked it again while taking care of the morning business at 5:00 AM.   On my drive to the pier for Jailbreak I started dreaming up some ideas [...]

Cockroach Resurrection

I wore my reflective vest as I predicted that I would have to play "traffic cop" getting everyone to park on the perimeter of the OPES staff parking Lot - I wanted the center of the Lot cleared of all obstacles.  Rosebud was first to enter and it took some heavy encouraging to get him [...]

Dora 1,2,3,1000

As I drove to the AO this morning with a steady rain hitting my windshield, I told myself that if it was only me and one other pax then I’d suggest some solid second F over some hashbrowns at the Waffle House in lieu of a workout.  Surely the rain would deter most of the [...]