It pays to be a winner…or does it?

9 men gathered in the beautiful morning to get some sweat on! We had a special guest from an Atlanta F3 chapter, Suds join us! Warm up, run in a circle, turn it inside, turn it outside, switch directions. Jump squats and weed pickers. Then we flutter kicked while we took turns running around the [...]


Today’s title has nothing to do with the workout, but then again, it fits. Well, not really, definitely not, but who names a workout anyways. What a weird thing to do. In attendance: warchicken, loveseat, yogi bear, Siri, fidgetSpinner, butterfinger, yhc. warmup- lbac, hillbillies, running burpees. the thang- 10 sets of suicides. Each suicide consisted [...]

Sailor’s Warning part III

Showed up at 5:29 to Q. Still sleepy😴 so warmups we’re virtual. Moseyed to three places to do 5-10-15 burpees, squats, jumping jacks, intervals, big boy sit-ups, baby crunches, American hammers, pushups (decline, flat, incline. Rice Crispy fart sacked because she’s 21 and doesn’t get up that early for “old guys” including Ricky Martin and [...]