We got Jacked this morning.

We started the morning in a frenzy because our almighty Q @heehaw1 chose to fartsack.  He says it was worth it, and we may agree, but today's Q got everyone JACKED, especially @loveseat.  YHC was overwhelmed with the 15 who showed up expecting @heehaw1. I have never had that many in attendance, personally.  Maybe more people show [...]

Happy Planksgiving

The sand gnats were out in full force, welcoming us to the beatdown this morning. Here's what we put in: Warmup SSH, weed pickers, LBACs The Thang Series of resistance exercises followed by 20-4x10-2 Merkin Climbers, air squats and lunges, sand bag slides, more resistance work and an work, 10-2x5-1 MerkinJacks, Justice League Cool down [...]

Killing me softly

10 Hims did 30min of HIIT. @heartbreaker, @yogibear, @charmin, @payday, @labrat, @siri, @blackcherry, @warchicken, @rosebud and YHC. warmup- lap, lbac x30, 5 burpees, windmill 10x, weed pick, lap. the Thang- all intervals start with exercise then 30sec of ssh, last is hard rest for 30sec #1 Air squats Merkins Jump Squats Full tuck crunch Rest [...]

Relative vs. Absolute

Relatively perfect weather for the 10 PAX who made the wise decision not to sleep in this morning.  Started with a light stretch followed by 2 relatively easy “rounds” of exercises.  Correction - three relatively easy rounds.  First round consisted of 5-reps each of Side Straddle Hops, Squat Jumps, and Merkins, and then a relatively [...]