Battle Buddies

Conditions:  Cool, Breezy, and a freaking awesome morning!  Full moon, and the boat is still tipped over on it's side. Disclaimer: NO  COP this morning, we went straight into tha thang! Thang: Mosey to the Flag pole where the PAX were instructed to take note of the route we are on...  Up the steps, turn [...]

The Beast

i was surprised when only 7 showed up this morning when we seemingly have been closer to 15 for the past several weeks at renegade. @mattdart78 quickly explained that most probably fartsacked because I mentioned the word run in my pre-blast. Oh well. The workout is called the beast because of the number 6. I [...]

Gator Chomp

Since I shot my mouth off at Monday’s beatdown - I now had Tuesday’s Q.  Good thing too because I was sore from Monday and needed to take it easy on Tuesday and Ironman was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Carry around a GoRuck back back with nothing in it except helium balloons, this [...]

Heavy Day

As I was recovering from what I am calling a light version of the Flu...or maybe it was the full dose and I am just such a physical specimen that I crushed it in two days, then laughed in it's face (the latter is probably not true, but maybe), I wanted to do an exceptionally [...]

Curves for Men

With no Q en que for today's workout YHC and Nantan debated in the parking lot over who was the most equipped to lead the PAX.  The debate quickly ended when Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" began to chirp over the boombox.  I couldn't resist.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and testosterone and my hips, [...]