Muggy – yep, just Muggy

11 guys showed up to take the DRP. Nice set of warm ups. 15 of everything (Happy 15th b-day @Tebow). Then we got to the thang. 3 Doras - 2 Mary's in between. Dora 1 - Merkins, Big Boys & Squats Dora 2 - Carolina Dry Docks, Russian Twists, Alternating Lunge Dora 3 - Alternating [...]

The Longest Warmup

15 HIMs gathered in the morning gloom to start the day right with a workout. D2 only came because he thought I was bringing the big tires. Well due to a broken down vehicle I had to improvise. We began the warmup by establishing a circle. This in itself was a feat. Finally accomplished we [...]

Ladder Time

Eleven men met in the hot, humid, windless gloom. Warmed up with some weed pickers, arm circles, tempo squats, and tempo merkins. Mosey to bus lane. Completed three ladders up to eight reps and back. Each set consisted of three exercises. Move two columns between reps. Set one: Merkins, Squats, LBCs Set two: Alternating Shoulder [...]


11 HIMS gathered in the gloom to make themselves better men. After intros and warm-ups a timer was set to buzz every minute on the minute. Burpee every minute. Mosey up the entry road running backwards, sideways, skipping, etc. At entry we did a few ab exercises. Uptown picked up on how you looked forward [...]

Dodgeball Week (2 of 3) 12 sweaty guys. It was a party. warmup- jumping jacks, lbac, merkins. workout- 4 rounds of the following: 1 minute max reps thrusters. 1 minute max reps bent over rows 1 minute max reps burpees 1 minute max reps hang jerks. slowsy lap around parking lot. in attendance- loveseat, Siri, [...]

Dodgeball Week (1 of 3) this morning was the start to the much anticipated dodgeball week. We’ve al been training and preparing for what will definitely be one for the memory banks. Warmup- lbac, don quixote, can-cans, Jamaican nightclubs, overhead claps. mosey to beach. round 1: 20merkins, 20plank walks, run to next boardwalk and back. [...]