An Ode to a Stein

10 pax gathered in the gloom to commemorate a feat that will live on in our collective memories for a generation or more. YHC was blessed with the strength and fortitude to earn first runner up in the inaugural stein holding contest at the Oktoberfest in downtown Brunswick. Two other pax participated and fought the [...]

Iron Man 09/21/2021

Eight Reasons to Love the Constitution Eight Reasons to Love the Constitution Five constitutional “scholars” met in the gloom and highs humidity at Community Church. ButterFinger, Huey Louie, LoveSeat, and Lifer showed up. Warm ups were weed pickers, various arm circles with the Q adding a new warm up called the shower curtain hanger. We [...]

9/11 Tour de Village

8 PAX arrived in the gloom for yet another 9/11 themed beatdown. The weather was remarkable, and the early mumblechatter centered on the documentaries produced by MARVEL. We were primed and ready to run. Dodgeball, Loveseat, War Chicken, Mr. Brady, Huey Luey, Butterfinger, Uptown Girl, Earhart WARM-O-RAMA: 6 large arm circles forward, 6 large arm [...]


Not even Tropical Storm Mindy could stop 12 HIMs from the 5:30am Renegade workout. Started with a warm up of LBAC, weed pickers, down/up dog, etc. Slowesy to playground for da thang: Starting at the top of the center pavement, we had three distances by age, under 50 go the whole length, 50s a little [...]