Diversionary Ball

11 HIMs gathered in the gloom for some fitness activities with a little 10lb ball. After warm ups of weed pickers, SSH, pickle pounders (really starting to like this one!), and Finkle kicks we mosey' d over to the bus side for da thang. After evenly splitting the group into two teams, the ball was [...]

Running and stretching

8 HIMs gathered in the gloom to get the day started right. War chicken (War daddy since Mr. Brady was not there), Dodgeball, Fidget Spinner, Uptown, Earnhardt, Heartbreaker, Siri and of course moi, Yogi Bear. After some light stretching including pickle pounders we paired up and ran out the entrance road, along Frederica and back [...]

F3 JAX – why I do F3

Dustin Jordan@F3_ItalianJob Why do I do F3?For 45 minutes to an hour a day, I can forget about the problems of the world & instead share comaraderie with men who strive to be better than yesterday. Yes, it’s adult recess, but we each aim to be better men while having fun. #MoreThanAWorkoutGroup It's pretty much [...]

Simple Duzy

Right before we began I flipped a 180 on what I had planned and decided not to run a few miles... In attendance: Butterfinger, Siri, UptownGirl, Mr.Brady, FidgetSpinner, YHC. Mosey to staircase: 10 sets up stairs followed by 25 LBCs. Mosey to end of casino parking lot: 5 merkins, 10 lounges...all the way to the [...]

Morning fog

12 men gathered in the thick foggy morn to get some work done. Started with warm ups to include weed pickers with a @warchickenssi variation of clapping your hands behind your back on the standing position. Mosey around lot then shuffle cones, hand release push ups for 4 rounds Mosey around lot then partner cone [...]