It’s All in Your Head

On a breezy cool morning at Ironman, 11 of SSI's finest got after it and made their daily downpainment The Thang Disclaimer COP SSH x 49 (crowd pleaser) Merkins x 15 Mountain climbers x 15 (Jeff) Imperial Walkers x 15 Sumo squats x 15 Lunge w/weights to first column and double time back Bear crawl [...]

The man in the Arena

The magnificant seven showed up in the gloom neither and became the man in the arena. Quick COP: 10 Burpees OYO, 20 side straddle hops IC, 10 Windmills, 10 Temp squats, 20 Little Baby Cruches. Tha Thang..... The PAX Mosey’ed to the halfshell stairs, where we started our first of 3 rounds of DORA.  During [...]

Inner Caboose

Was about 2 minutes late getting started while we waited for D2 and Heehaw to finish up there ~8 mile pre-ruck (good work men), as well as Twinkletoes and Uptown Girl to find a place to lock up there tricycles. Its been so long since BM has worked out, let alone Q'd, so he embarrassingly [...]

Ultimate Frisbee

On Saturday we played Ultimate Frisbee. It was an amazing time. We had a great turn out of 18 men. There may or may not have been some people playing a little too hard and accidently spearing others while trying to chase down the Frisbee.  Team “flags” quickly jumped out to the lead with several [...]


There is nothing inherently wrong with comfort - it’s just that it is the enemy.  No growth occurs in comfort.  Comfort is the frog in the pot of water slowly simmering only to eventually boil it to death.  Enjoy your comfort - but do not stay there too long. This morning 12 pax and YHC [...]

The Ultimate Workout!

So it wasn’t the coldest workout of the year! But is was definitely The Coolest! We started off with a light stretch followed up with 16 side saddle hops to get us warm. After that we mosey’d over to the baseball field for a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee. We numbered off into two teams, [...]

New Year, New Day, New YOU….. A dip in the pond, and Scatter-Smothered & Covered.

The first day of the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen.  It was cold and damp.  We started out day out with the following. 20 Side Straddle hops, 17 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward the reverse in honor of Twinkle Toes who wasn't there.  We then did a careful slowsey to the sunken living [...]

You ask for it, you got it!

So, BM was all like "yo, you need to do another Q with buckets, and sandbags. Then he said, it has been a while since he did a smokehouse"  Well sir, and I use the Sir term loosely, you got what you ask for! I arrived early to set out the coupons and found D2 [...]

Cold you say?

NONSENSE.  Nine of the fiercest men and one pup cold cocked Old Man Winter with a Monday morning beatdown. The Thang Disclaimer Slaughter Starter - 20 burpees OYO Mosey down Butler to the Pearly Gates stopping along the way for SSH x 20 and squats x 20 COP Diamond merkins x 5 Dollys x 10 [...]