There is nothing inherently wrong with comfort - it’s just that it is the enemy.  No growth occurs in comfort.  Comfort is the frog in the pot of water slowly simmering only to eventually boil it to death.  Enjoy your comfort - but do not stay there too long. This morning 12 pax and YHC [...]

HDHH 2-21-18… When it’s “GOOD” to not be afraid.

Well, I had my VQ for HDHH and it did't disappoint.  I actually had to plan, read, and prep, my Q.  I knew I wanted my VQ to cover two things. 1. GOOD and 2. Do not be afraid. The first comes from Jocko Willink "Good" and  excerpt from his field manual "Discipline = Freedom"  [...]

The Ultimate Workout!

So it wasn’t the coldest workout of the year! But is was definitely The Coolest! We started off with a light stretch followed up with 16 side saddle hops to get us warm. After that we mosey’d over to the baseball field for a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee. We numbered off into two teams, [...]

Married…With Child(ren)

It was a cool and gloomy, albeit comfortable, Renegade morning when a PAX of nine showed up ready to put in work. As of today, 11/2/17, I have been happily married for fifteen years…and today’s beatdown is not only a celebration of my marriage, but also a walk down the often-challenging road of life. And, [...]

Commander Cuddles BEATdown Redux

The Thang: Light mosey to the round-about to get our blood flowing.  Woz started us off with the disclaimer and opening prayer before jumping into the COP. Circle of Pain (COP): Imperial Walkers, x20 Little Baby Arm Circles (LBAC), Forward, x20 LBAC, Reverse, x20 Wonderbra, x20 Around the Round-Abound Lunge around 1/4 loop Little Baby [...]

Welcome to October

9 people showed up this am, ready to put in some work. It was good to see Geico/Kotter back out in the war zone ready to make himself a better man. Cowtipper (LIFO) and the puppy finally joined/found us mid Dora after a long mosey/search. SSH x 25 Mosey to "Lighthouse" - Due to the [...]

St Simons gets Crabby

A Pax of 9 men woke up this morning to support my virgin Q... I appreciate that guys, thanks.  Weather was beautiful considering it rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon and evening.  Slight wind, overcast and about 65 degrees.  We moseyed over to the grassy area near the casino.  After a quick disclaimer and quickly talking about [...]