It pays to be a winner…or does it?

9 men gathered in the beautiful morning to get some sweat on! We had a special guest from an Atlanta F3 chapter, Suds join us! Warm up, run in a circle, turn it inside, turn it outside, switch directions. Jump squats and weed pickers. Then we flutter kicked while we took turns running around the [...]

Ricky’s Vida Loca

Ricky’s Vida Loca Volunteered for my first Q this past Jailbreak and since I am Ricky Martin, I decided to incorporate some song driven workouts.  Thanks to Heehaw for providing the speaker!! It was 5:30 and was pleasantly surprised with a good turnout of people. Introduced my self and we then proceeded to mosey to [...]

Ultimate Frisbee

On Saturday we played Ultimate Frisbee. It was an amazing time. We had a great turn out of 18 men. There may or may not have been some people playing a little too hard and accidently spearing others while trying to chase down the Frisbee.  Team “flags” quickly jumped out to the lead with several [...]

Tuesday Tabata

Q-Twinkletoes posted on slack last night that he's coming down with something, so YHC stepped in to help.  10 PAX, including 2 visitors.  Workout is as follows: Disclaimer Warm Up- Weed pickers, windmills, self hugs, shoulder and triceps stretch. About 3 -4 minutes Tabata- 13:30 minutes (20seconds on, 10 seconds rest) of SSH, speed skates, [...]