“It’s Big, But a Weird Shape….”

Nine PAX showed up on a calm and quiet, albeit balmy, day at the coast to put in work for YHC’s first-ever Jailbreak Q. And, as promised on Slack, I feel like I made Dodgeball happy by keeping the running to a minimum…. After the disclaimer, we made a brief mosey to the sunken living [...]

Nantan loves Elvis

We had 7 pax enjoy an unseasonally cool workout this morning. Notable additions include Bundy, who only rarely posts at Jailbreak, and Inmate, who made his monthly (or quarterly?) showing.  Also welcomed back world travelers HeeHaw and Uptown Girl.  Last but not least, regular Rosebud and new regular Dodgeball rounded us out. I had designs [...]

The Fifty Nine

Location: Pier Conditions.... you could say a little humid. Disclaimer was announced and the fun began! COP... 20 Side Straddle Hop IC, 20 Jeff Imperial Walkers, 10 Merkins OYO, 9 Burpees OYO.  Count was totaled to 59.  59 would be the theme for this mornings work.  We would be doing reps for the 59 lives [...]

Uncle Don’s Dora

It was good to get back at it after our hurricane hiatus.  I believe we had 11 pax, including GWH, a welcome back kotter. Disclaimer Mosey to Casino for warmup - 20 IC SSH, 10 IC weedpickers, 10 IC Squats, 30 second deep squat stretc, 10 IC ultimate merkins, 10 IC macarenas. Mosey to ball [...]

Total Eclipse

(cue Bonnie Tyler entrance music) Bitter that the moon was going to deprive it of prime shining time, the sun pre-heated our AO to proper sauna conditions for today's Jailbreak.  11 sweat stinking PAX posted to make their weekly downpainment.  It went a little something like this The Thang Disclaimer Mosey around Neptune Park, ending [...]

Getting ready for the week

Circle up Ssh ic x25 Merkins ic x10 Mosey to light house Circle up Squats with hold ic x10 Burpees x5 oyo Squats ic x10 Mosey to beach 11s Burpees Merkins Bear crawl between Only did half to keep up with time Mosey up beach Burpees x5 oyo Mosey to flags Dora Lunges, dive bombers [...]