din·gle·ber·ry [ˈdiNGəlˌberē] NOUN dingleberries (plural noun) US informal 1). a foolish or inept person. vulgar slang 2). a particle of fecal matter attached to the anal hair of an animal. In an attempt to get banned from backblasts by the nantan, I decided to go a little NSFW after my morning Q. That said, if [...]

Bundy’s Better-Late-Than-Never, TEOTWAWKI/Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Survivalist Prep Spectacular (yes, I know this is a month late…but humor me….)

The weather this morning was cool and perfect. The grass was damp. The dark enveloped us with the chilling embrace of a sinister stranger. It was a great day to sharpen some iron. There’s no better time than the present because you never really know when the undead will rise, the zombies will walk among [...]

Good News, Bad News

Temperature: 82°, feels like 89°, humidity 90%, barometer 1021-1023, clear skies. Today's workout was titled "Good News, Bad News" because sometimes it seems like every time something seems like a good thing, there's a catch. First exercise: Good news: we were only going to do 10 burpees, the bad news: they were 1-10 contra burpees [...]