Virtuosity aka DORA, DORA, DORA (Almost)

The mornings are starting to cool off! But the momentum of F3 is getting HOTT. We had a Dirty Dozen of Pax join us in the gloom. @D2 and YHC are leading the male youth at SSUMC through a study called Virtuosity. Virtuosity is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. [...]

better late then never

A wonderful day and a wonderful way to start the day. Cop Ssh ic x25 Lbacf ic x10 Lbacr ic x10 Ssh ic x10 Ultimate merkins ic x5 Twinkle toes showed up sometime after the Dora started. Dora Thrusters 100 Weighted crunches 200 Weighted Squats 300 Partner sprints to end of lot and back Circle [...]

Dirty Dozens

A PAX of nine, including one FNG, showed up ready to put in work on another warm and sticky—albeit slightly cooler—morning at SSCC.   Disclaimer   The Thang Warm-Up: SSH, 10x, IC Chinooks from The People’s Chair, 10x, IC Scapular Merkin, 10x, IC Smurfjacks, 10x, IC Hold Deep Squat with Big Arm Circles Forward, 10x, [...]

Burpee Mile

Conditions: sultry morning, non existent breeze = PERFECT for a burpee mile.  Disclaimer 14 HIM gathered, actually like 12 but Cowtipper and Milkbone both CIH.   COP... 15 side straddle hop IC + 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers IC + 10 Weed pickers IC  THA THANG Staying with YHC KISS method for structuring a beat down, [...]

Be safe, Mayberry

What follows is the backblast from one of our toughest workouts yet, all thanks to our guest Q from Knoxville, Mayberry. Not only did he challenge us physically, but he also shared a powerful testimony to close us out. Thank you for joining us, Mayberry, and be safe. We look forward to you next trip [...]