Dora 1,2,3,1000

As I drove to the AO this morning with a steady rain hitting my windshield, I told myself that if it was only me and one other pax then I’d suggest some solid second F over some hashbrowns at the Waffle House in lieu of a workout.  Surely the rain would deter most of the [...]

New Kids on the Block

16 of the best and brightest, including FIVE FNGs, strapped on their big boy pants and emerged from the pre-dawn mist for this week's Ironman The Thang: COP: SSH x 20 Peter Parkers x 15 Parker Peters x 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers x 15 Tempo squats x 10 Tempo merkins x 10 Dolly x 15 [...]

Pink Kettlebell Power

14 was the count (including 2 FNGs) for YHC's virgin Ironman Q. It featured a pink kettlebell The Thang: Disclaimer COP: SSH x 25 Merkins x 15 Flutter kicks x 20 Jeff Imperial walkers x 15 Kettlebells - AMRAP tabata (one minute work, 30 seconds rest and rotate) Swings High pull Overhead press Lap - [...]


Week two brought another great test of mettle!! Breeze felt good, but the humidity didn’t get the notice to calm down!! We had 8 able bodied pax attempt the challenge and YHC there to maintain integrity. The Thang AMRAP for 8 Min with a cinderblock each of the following. A 2 minutes break between each [...]


Today was the start of IRONPAX, a challenge that was issued by F3Greenwood. Each Monday in the month of August we’ll have a different challenge and keep score. YHC will Q with a clipboard as I’m on the DL. Loved having visitors from The Fort and North Augusta. The Thang 4 Rounds 50-Air Squats 40-Big [...]

Boats on the horizon

It’s been awhile since YHC has posted on the regular. To ensure accountability I signed up to Q. Fat and out of shape, I hope the workout was worth beating the Fartsack for. Excited to have Johnny 5 and Homeboy visiting us this AM The Thang Disclaimer COP-IC 30-SSH 30-LBACF 30-LBACB 29-Moroccan Night Club 30-Wonder [...]

“It’s Big, But a Weird Shape….”

Nine PAX showed up on a calm and quiet, albeit balmy, day at the coast to put in work for YHC’s first-ever Jailbreak Q. And, as promised on Slack, I feel like I made Dodgeball happy by keeping the running to a minimum…. After the disclaimer, we made a brief mosey to the sunken living [...]