job site

the thang

warmup at veterans park American flag

shimmy to cabbage palm trees for stationary tree squats

shimmy to end of kings pointe for JJ

shimmy to unknown active job site:

  • cinder block pushups
  • cinder block squats
  • rinse and repeat
  • cinder block bicep curls x 2

shimmy to Atlantic Building parking lot

  • crunch time: barberitos style

mosey to “pavilion of pain”

  • box jumps x 2

mosey to end of SSI Pier

  • 25 rebounders  NBA style (playoff of our last Heat Playoff workout

shimmy to neptune park lawn

  • back pedal stations

we covered ground on the move an touched a lot of bases  worked in the block workout to incorporate resistance lifting.

fng, trevor andrews, aka, hammerhead  new ssi resident and now a fellow f3 ground roller

our PAX was strong and up for the “doom” in the “gloom”


twinkle toes has all the info and announced the Nov 2016 13.1 marathon run HE is going for! I’m in!

Big thanks to tin man for keeping the energy level high for the PAX

Dirt Rollin’,



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