Tortoise and the Hare

As the tempatures rise back up, 2 Pax joined us in the gloom. YHC has the #GrowRuck01 in just a few weeks, so a ruck friendly beatdown ensued.

The Thing

Slow 10-LBACF
Slow 10-LBACR
Slow 10-Iron Cross
10-Wonder Bra
10-Ninja Squats
30 second AMRAP-Toe Taps
30 second AMRAP-Toe Taps

Tortoise and the Hare
YHC will play the Tortoise as I’m the slowest, and have a ruck. The pax will play the Hare. The Hare’s will do the following exercise at the start, and every time they catch the tortoise.


Rinse and Repeat
Drop the Derkins

Rinse and repeat
Drop the Merkins

Since there was only 2 of we flap jacked the Tortoise and the Hare and did the whole set over.

10-2.0 Makers
10-Russian Twists
10-2.0 Makers w/Kick

GrowRuck01 is 3.5 weeks away, we are canceling Sailor’s Warning so all are encouraged to come down for the beat down and grow school. Maybe even stick around and cheer on the idiots doing the Ruck.

Prayer Concerns
Rosebud becoming a g’pa
Safety on Halloween

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