Dude…where’s neutral?

As an educator, it is my job to predict where challenges will surface and provide the right tools to address those challenges.  Today I was not prepared.  I decided to revive the F3 Decathlon workout from a few months ago, which included truck pushes.  The truck wasn’t on perfectly level ground so I put it into 1st, warning the next group that it was in gear.  When the recovery time ran out, Loveseat and Hardwood stood next to the truck….just looking at each other.  Dude….where’s neutral?  Looks like we may need to host a 2nd F event teaching a few of the PAX how to drive a manual.

Within the decathlon we had amounts indicating bronze, silver and gold for each event.

The workout:  3 minutes exercise with 30 seconds recovery between stations

Merkins 75-85-100; Truck push .5 lap, .75 lap, 1.0 lap; Doggy paddle 140-160-180; Curls 70-80-90; Tire flips w/350# tire 20-25-30; flutter kicks(LR) 100-150-200; Tricep extension 40-50-60; Burpees 30-40-50; LBC’s 100-120-140; Superman plank 2min-2.5min-3min

Image result for manual transmission puzzle


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