[no] Leg Day

Man what a morning.  10 stud horse-looking bad-a$$ mofo’s came out and absolutely crushed it this am.  By the end of our workout there were ladies lurking in the trees about to pounce, so we hastily made our escape to maintain the sanctity of our marriages.  God, thank you for swift feet and reliable vehicles.

Today’s workout involved a lot of slow-controlled exercises:

Warmup- LBAC Forward/Reverse, BBAC Forward Reverse, Huggers, Tricep Stretch, Neck Stretch.

First set:  Tricep Extensions, Curls, Bent Over Rows, Military Press.

Second Set: Tricep Kickbacks, Curls, Merkins, Prison Poses, Lat/Hor Raises

Third Set: Brain Busters, Curls, Close-Grip Merkins, Lawnmowers, Single Arm Snatch

Fourth Set: Favorite Tricep Ex, Curls, Wide-Grip Merkins, Kettle Bell Swings, Lawnmowers.

Abs: Coupon Up – Toe Touches, Coupon Extended overhead – FLutter Kicks, Legs Straight feet stacked – LBCs.

Finish: Ab stretch x2.

Announcements: @uptowngirlssi Mom pooped! Q Source tomorrow (with cream cheese). Kickball team kicking a$$ and taking names.  Healthy food options now available for breakfast via SSBBQ.

Prayer Requests: that others would not lust when they see how good looking we are.

We closed with prayer, and I apologized to God for my poor choice of wording, at times, when speaking about, things.



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