Hans and Franz get pumped

Just three intrepid pax met in the gloom this morning. We figured that those engaged in the weight loss challenge were trying to game the system before first weigh in tomorrow morning. Too bad because you missed a pretty simple but effective beatdown.

Mosey to sunken living room. Warmup of Jack trio – SSH, seal jacks, plank jacks.

Gathered at corner of outer walkway. 30 merkins, 30 squats, 30 crunchy frogs, 5 burpees, run around sunken living room. Repeat 5 more times, laddering up burpees each time till you reach 10. That ended up taking 30 minutes (and sucked pretty hard…aye!).

Burpee suicides down walkway.

headed to playground – 25 inverted rows from swings, 15 Carolina dry docks. Continue laddering down rows by 5 till you hit 0, continuing to do 15 dry docks between each set.

Sprint through the gates to the flag.

Solid pump from this workout – this would be an effective one for Woz to do right before hitting the beach to maximize his swoll physique.  Total counts were 180 merkins, 180 squats, 180 crunchy frogs, 45 burpees (plus more from suicides), 75 dry docks, 75 inverted rows, running distance unknown – still working on figuring out this new apple watch.


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