Siri week PART2 – Post Valentine’s Super 21

Siri Week PART2 -Post Valentine’s Super 21 2020.02.15

With the morning after Valentine’s day upon us, I wasn’t sure of the turnout.  Maybe a huge push to “start the day right” from the Ladies in our lives. Or there was an overindulgence of chocolates and wine with closed-door activities keeping us up to late. My story is more like “No Steak – No Sex”  ask and I’d be happy to share.  Whatever the story was, 5 PAX enjoyed the cool breeze and beautiful beach sunrise.


I left the house in plenty of time but realize I was missing my watch -no big deal unless I’m Q’ing so I can track the time and modify if needed.  I turned around and headed home. But first I needed gas (almost pulled a Loveseat and run out but I would not have run the 6 or so miles to the pier).  Pump was Pumping real slow so I only filled half, ran into the house, and sped away back to the pier.  Pushed a message through SLACK…CIH!  I arrived 2.5 minutes late with the PAX waiting.  We quickly regroup, shared a few thoughts and then I started with.  Sorry if today’s workout feels a bit tough or like a punishment….but my Valentine’s Day theme was “NO STEAK and NO SEX”…and we began.

  • We did a few stretches (OYO), Tappy Taps, and Finkle kicks.  The kicks are getting much better.
  • Mosey to the Flag Pole for more warmups
  • I figured out the Decomposing SSH – key is to pause between sets…and it went like this: (IC) 5 full SSH, 5 low-arm SSH, 5 jacks only, 5 small hops PAUSE then 4, pause,3 pause, 2 pause, 1 pause.  It was so much better and a pretty good little warmup too.

To get to the beach we did a Bataan Death March: Indian run with the last guy drops for 5 Burpees.  Runs to catch the PAX, taps the new last guy and continues to the front.  I started the run and finished my burpees before catching the PAX on the beach – the tide was perfect.


Super 21 with a beach crossover:  We started on the beach side with 21 Merkins, 21 squats, 21 BBS, ran up and over the crossover and back down to the beach spot. Now 20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 BBS and run up and over. Continued 19, 18, 17,…3, 2, 1 to complete the 231 reps of each.  Yogi had what I thought was a commanding lead but Heartbreaker turned it up and I believe they finished together.  I was a rep or two behind. Once I finished, we gathered and (IC) did 5 merkins, 5 squats, and 5 BBS

We mosey/slowsy along the beach to the nearest crossover for the park.  Found a nice bench for our final exercise…the Lindsay aka Fourties.

30 dips / 10 American Hammers, 25 dips/15 AH, 20/20, 15/25, 10, 30  I was pretty spent and walked us (was going to lunge walk) to the flagpole for the bonus exercise


Monkey Jumpers:  two Monkey Humpers then explode into a jump.  We decided on 10.

 Done!  Exercise Complete.


5 PAX got out of bed on a gorgeous Feb morning, entered the Gloom to better themselves: Loveseat, Yogi Bear, Heartbreaker, Ricky Martin, Siri.

Announcements and  Prayer

We video a special prayer for Tim Carlson who once again has a tough battle against his cancer.  At the Ironman retreat, he promised to be back with us in March.  He is truly an amazing man!

Siri’s anniversary week: Part 3 -MO 2/17, Part 4 -TU 2/18

Naked-man Moleskin:

Happy Valentine’s Day fellas.  Love is shown in many ways.  For me, I wanted my Steak and then a romantic evening of fine wine and closed door activities.  But, we don’t always get what we want.  Find your love and happiness in many things, in the right things, in the most appropriate things around you and you’ll be a much happier person.  It wasn’t sex but we sure did sweat a lot at the workout …and with that I say The End – see you for Part3 of Siri week. Monday 2/17 Jailbreak.

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