Today’s title has nothing to do with the workout, but then again, it fits. Well, not really, definitely not, but who names a workout anyways. What a weird thing to do.

In attendance: warchicken, loveseat, yogi bear, Siri, fidgetSpinner, butterfinger, yhc.

warmup- lbac, hillbillies, running burpees.

the thang- 10 sets of suicides. Each suicide consisted of: 10 yard down and back to light pole, 20 yard down anD back to handicap sign, 30 yard down, complete 10 derkins, and back to start.

5 minutes of Mary- Merican hammers x20, lbc’s x20, plank jacks X20, toe touches x20, Rosalitas x20.

it was an especially steamy morning with humidity well into the 90% range, and we had a full house of sweaty, shirtless pax. Yhc made a very nice sweat angel and upon completion of our workout the pax took turns naming the creation. I read wish I had taken a picture. If I were heehaw I definitely would have documented everything, (like a teenage girl never missing a Snapchat opportunity). The name that stuck Came from loveseat who said, and quote: “that looks like someone face down with an enormous dong.” Guys I can’t make this stuff up. If you don’t come to f3 you are obviously missing out.

closed with cot. Prayers for those with a weak faith and those struggling to share their own. We live in a dark word and asked God to help us share His light.


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