Monday morning.  Temp: 79 degrees.  Humidity 99%.  Skies: partly cloudy.

We warmed up on the pier, felt nice.  Scenery was awesome, then we ran to the hottest, muggiest place I could find: SSUMC. Did a few suicides using the parking lot lines:

  1. Partner does LBC’s while you run suicides for the 11 lines.
  2. Partner does merkins while you run suicides for every other line.
  3. Partner does lounges while you bear-crawl to line 11 and back.

Mosey to mount Mellow.

Bear-crawl up mount mellow, 10 squats, crawl-bear back down mount mellow. X2.

Mosey to flags. A little stretch to finish up.

COT. Prayer

IN attendance: Loveseat, TinMan 2.0, Siri, Butterfinger, Yogi, YHC.



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